Beat Candy Crush Level 500: Tips From Player, Jasmine Jay

24-year-old student, Jasmine Jay, has beaten Candy Crush Level 500 – one of the harder levels in the Candy Crush game.

So I picked her brain and asked the player from Virginia, in the USA, for some tips on how she managed to achieve this.

Beat Level 500 of Candy Crush Saga. (Taken from

Beat Level 500 of Candy Crush Saga. (Taken from

To find out what Jasmine said, do read on.

What is a good starting move for this level?

Knocking out at least one of the cakes should be your first priority – as well as clearing at least one column of meringues. Getting rid of the cakes will give you more space to create special candies. This will subsequently remove more of the meringues, which are blocking you from bringing down the ingredients.

What tips can you recommend for beating this level?

I think its best to try to clear the cakes first. This is because the more space you have on the board, the better chance you will have of creating special candies.

You have one coconut wheel in this level. You should only use it after you have destroyed the first cake. It will make it easier to break the second cake. But if you are having trouble breaking the first cake, and have only one piece left that you can’t clear, then use the coconut wheel. Once you have broken one cake, you will have space to break the other cake.

Creating candy combinations is the key to completing this level. Using a wrapped candy + colour bomb, a wrapped candy + wrapped candy or a striped + colour bomb are the best combinations to use. Doing so will clear a lot of the meringues and make it easier to bring down ingredients.

What makes this level so challenging?

It is because there are plenty of obstacles in your way. You will need to clear multi-layered meringues to open the exit paths in order to bring down the eight ingredients. You will also have to break two cakes, work around two chocolate fountains, clear a column of licorice and worry about bombs that are constantly dropping.

What should you concentrate on?

The first priority should be clearing the cakes, because you can’t clear the path to the exit without destroying the cakes first. When one of the cakes at least is destroyed, you should then focus on the meringues. The bombs should be the least of your worries, but keep an eye on them and don’t let one explode towards the end.

What are things that players may do wrongly?

Most people think that it is important to focus on knocking out the meringues right away, but clearing these out first doesn’t help at all if you haven’t cleared at least one cake. You can’t clear a path to the exit without knocking out the cakes. The ingredients come out over the exit but sometimes your attention is on another task and the ingredients will land over the chocolate fountain. Be careful about accidentally shifting the ingredients to another column. You don’t want to have an extra task of moving the ingredients back over.

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