Beat Candy Crush Level 165: Tips From A Player, Steve Hall

Steve Hall is a Candy Crush player who has successfully managed to solve Level 165 – without using any boosters.

According to Steve, he has no secret strategy for passing this level, but there are some important pointers to remember – to succeed at Level 165.

Candy Crush Level 165.

Candy Crush Level 165

Make Wrapped Candies

Steve says that making wrapped candies is very important. According to him, he beat this level partly by “getting lucky with one or two wrapped-striped” candy combinations.

Making Colour Bombs

Using colour bombs to remove unnecessary candy colours are also important.

Steve said, “I remember making a couple of colour bombs too. Using these colour bombs, I took out the colours that wasn’t needed, leaving more room, hopefully for more of the ones I wanted.”

Read a couple of moves ahead

“Also try and read a move or two ahead if possible,” added Steve.

If you look ahead and are able to apply the same strategy as you would use say, for a chess game, you will be able to beat Level 165.

Hope for a good board at the beginning

He also explained that getting a good game board is crucial in whether you succeed or fail at this level.

The player said, “Most of the time, things have to fall in place for you to win. Some boards are impossible to win with. I truly believe that.”

Google the level before you start

Steve added that if you Google the new level before you begin, this will give you an idea of how the particular level flows.

“I always Google the new game and see how it works. At first, I didn’t do that and had no idea how things even flowed,” explained Steve.

Through using such tactics, the longest amount of time that Steve has spent on a level is roughly 10 days.

This is certainly not too long to be stuck on a tough level – such as 165.

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