Beat Candy Crush Level 167: Tips From Player, Jasmine Jay

Level 167 is quite tough for some players, because the meringues and chocolate factories will pose a hindrance to achieving your objective.

Candy Crush Level 167.

Candy Crush Level 167

But Candy Crush player Jasmine Jay, 24, managed to beat Level 167 without using any boosters. So I got some tips from Jasmine, who is a student from Virginia, USA, on how to beat this level.

Jasmine, what is the best way to start playing Level 167?

This level requires you to clear all the jellies/gels on the board in 50 moves. But the problem is that you have double-layered meringues covering most of the gels and to make it worst there are four chocolate factories that will start as you clear the meringues. The best way to start this level – is to clear the centre. Don’t immediately focus on clearing the meringues though, because they will clear as you knock out the jellies/gels. If you are lucky enough to start off your game by creating a special candy, you should grab this opportunity, as it will really help you out.

What are some tips that you can give readers for this level?

One of the best ways to beat this level is to make special candies – striped, wrapped, or colour bombs will help you clear the board quickly. The good thing is that the meringues are double layered, so you don’t have to focus on knocking those out. All five coloured candies are on the board but opportunities to create special candies will still come rather easy once the meringues are cleared. If you can create combos, that’s even better because it will knock out gels and any chocolate that may have accumulated.

What is the most important thing that players should do, to pass this level?

It is to remain focused on clearing the gels and creating special candies, because you won’t clear the board without them. Also, creating combos can be difficult once the chocolate starts to accumulate. But if you can, do not play your combos immediately. Hold your horses, so that you can set off a bigger combo (e.g. a colour bomb + striped candy) rather than simply combining the colour bomb with an ordinary candy as soon as you have it.

Why is Level 167 so difficult?

This level can be difficult to many players because once the chocolate starts to generate, players tend to lose focus on the objective of the game. They begin to focus on breaking down the chocolate rather than worrying about knocking out the gels.

What do you think is the biggest challenge of Level 167?

This is remaining focused once the chocolate begins to cover the board. The meringues are easy to clear because they are double-layered and the 50 moves allocated is more than enough to clear the board. But players find this level hard because the chocolate makes it difficult to make moves.

What are some of the most common mistakes at this level?

The most common mistake in level 167 is putting more focus on the growing chocolate rather then focusing on the gels. Once you focus on breaking down the chocolates you begin to miss moves and opportunities to create special candies. Try to create as many special candies as you can before the chocolate begins to grow. Even after it does, you should pay attention to the board so you don’t miss any big moves. Also pay attention to those tricky corners, anytime you can clear a gel in the corner, do so because they are the most difficult ones to knock out. Click Here for tips from another Candy Crush player – who beat Level 167 without boosters too. Click Here for some of my BONUS tips on Level 167. Click Here for more Candy Crush levels.

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