Beat Candy Crush Level 167: Tips From A Player, Steve Hall

Candy Crush players often get stuck on Level 167 and cannot progress in the game, because of several reasons – the most common one being the presence of the chocolates and jellies.

But 64-year-old semi-retired farmer, Steve Hall, is one player who has managed to blitz past Level 167 in Candy Crush Saga – without the use of boosters.

Beat Level 167

Beat Level 167

I interviewed this player to find out what his secrets are – to passing Level 167. Here is what he said.

Why is Level 167 so tough for players?

I think 167 is hard because chocolate covers the board and becomes uncontrollable. As well, the last few jellies (usually in the corners) are a pain because they’re hard to reach. Those pesky jellies, together with a bad board, create a lot of problems.

What is a good starting board to begin the game?

I think a good starting board would be one where you have some vertical stripers, but also a lot of “threes” at the right locations, to take the meringue down to a single layer. A colour bomb would be really nice to start with, too.

What are some tips for beating Level 167?

Do the centre part first and try to break up the two-layered meringues into a single layer – or you’ll run out of moves. Perhaps you could take out a piece of paper and mark which blocks have been broken down. The presence of the chocolate can confuse you. But do not underestimate the striped candies, as they can help you out. You can actually put together plenty of combos without using up too many moves in this level.

Also, if you have saved a booster from spinning the wheel, they can come in really handy. For example, you may be able to smash a candy using the lollipop booster.

A colour bomb/striped combination will probably open up some of the chocolate in this level, unless this move is performed right at the start of your game.

After the centre portion of the board has successfully been dealt with, you will be on your way to beating this level.

Also, the wrapped/striped combo takes three rows both ways so this is also very useful to helping you achieve success at this level. Hopefully, the cascade makes some useful candies too…

What is the most important strategy that can be used to beat Level 167?

The strategy is to focus on the centre section, at the bottom of the board, if you can. Then slowly work on opening up the meringue at the sides of the game board. Working one side at a time is also a good idea. Get it done and don’t worry about the chocolate so much.

Why do players tend to fail at this level?

Many players fail, because they make mistakes such as missing out on important moves and not focusing.

Also, you may fail at Level 167 if you are unlucky and get a bad board to begin with. I admit there’s definitely lots of luck involved at this level.

I Am Still Stuck!

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