Beat Candy Crush Level 245: Tips From Player, Esther Lai

Level 245 is one of the more difficult levels in the Candy Crush Saga game and players have trouble beating it.

But Esther Lai, 48, is one of those who persevered and passed Level 245. This teacher, who is from Taichung, Taiwan, gives some handy tips on Level 245 – in an interview I did with her. This is what Esther said.

Candy Crush Level 245.

Candy Crush Level 245

What are some tips on how to beat this level?

Strategy 1

Form wrapped candies by looking for L and T shapes. If you play with a smartphone or tablet, take a look at the board first to see if there is a wrapped candy to be made immediately. If not, exit and enter again. By doing this, you won’t lose a life but have a better board to work with. Even if the first wrapped candy proves to be useless, breaking it often kills the bomb and may also bring better chances.

Form another wrapped candy if you can’t create a striped candy around it within one or two moves.

Make special candy combinations to create a better board. Often special candies will drop themselves when you do so. Making a combination of wrapped +wrapped or using the colour bomb to eliminate a colour of candy can usually bring pleasant surprises.

Strategy 2

I find colour bombs especially helpful. Use them to eliminate a colour and they will give you the opportunity to create wrapped candies or chances to form them within one or two moves.

Just focus on a few colours when forming wrapped candies. I usually choose to eliminate one colour first, for example, like taking away the green one, or else removing the colour of the candy bombs that are threatening to explode on you. These will explode if you don’t get rid of them. In this way, you will remove the bomb too. Then you may have a chance of forming wrapped candies.

Other Tips and Tricks

Make good use of the mystery candies. They may be just what you need.

Collect the present of a switch hand from the free booster wheel. It really comes in handy. 

What is the most important thing that Candy Crush players must remember, if they want to beat this level?

If other people can pass this level, you can, too. This is simply a more difficult level and the success of passing it depends a lot on luck. If you are patient and play enough times, believe me, you will have your share of luck.

Why do you think that Level 245 in Candy Crush Saga is particularly challenging?

It’s hard to form wrapped candies. Making them is the key to this level. Even when you are able to make them, it’s hard to create striped candies right next to them to make the combination. Making three is hard enough, let alone five. Sometimes the hard-formed special candies can be easily destroyed when you make a move.

What are some common mistakes made by players at Level 245?  

Beginners on this level often pay too much attention to the bombs. They even get rid of them right away. The truth is you can easily eliminate the bombs by combining special candies. If you can’t make a combination of a wrapped + striped soon enough, chances are that you won’t pass this level. So just keep an eye on them and make moves when necessary but focus on making wrapped candies.

Players are often too stubborn. They form a wrapped candy and look on it as being so precious that they insist on making a striped candy next to it. They often waste too many moves.

My experience is that if you can’t see a striped candy to be formed around it right away within two moves, just leave it or even break it. Sometimes they are just one candy apart. But it will take you forever to put them next to each other. It’s just not worth the trouble.

Are you still stuck on Level 245?

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