Beat Candy Crush Saga Level 361: Tips from Player, Jasmine Jay

Many players can spend weeks or even months trying to beat Level 361 in the Candy Crush Saga game.

But 24-year-old Candy Crush player Jasmine Jay, a student, has managed to pass this hard level. To find out the secrets to her success at beating Level 361 of Candy Crush Saga, do read on.

Level 361, Candy Crush Saga.

Level 361, Candy Crush Saga

Jasmine, what is a good starting tactic for this level?

Knocking out the meringues should be the main priority. You have 45 moves but some of these moves will be wasted knocking out the chocolate. So anytime you can hit a meringue especially the ones covering the exit columns, you should do it.

What are some useful suggestions that you can give readers for Level 361?

Create as many special candies as you can. The vertical stripes are the most important candies to create in this level. These will help you knock the meringues over the exit columns.

The wrapped candies though, will only be useful if you combine them together with a stripped candy.

Creating a colour bomb and combining it with a striped candy will obviously be a big help. But it is difficult to do – since all of the six colours of candies are present at this level.

What is the most important thing that players should do, to pass this level?

Pay attention to the board. Make sure you don’t move the fruit because once that happens it is going to be difficult getting it back over an exit column.

Also, don’t waste moves. And remember that the vertical candy is the best special candy to create during this level. The horizontal candy is not so useful in this level though. So don’t waste a move on creating this – unless you are looking to use it in a combination.

Why do you think that Level 361 is difficult?

This level is hard to complete because there are only four exit columns – and around those exit columns are chocolate fountains. Not only do you have to create special combos to knock out the meringues but you also have to use moves to knock out the chocolate.

What are some of the most common mistakes made at this level?

Many players make the mistake of accidentally moving the fruit over into the wrong columns. Sometimes you aren’t really paying attention and if you get a chance to create a special candy you may move the fruit over – but under no circumstances should you do so.

The one good thing about this level is that all the fruit comes down over an exit column. So don’t make the level more difficult for yourself by moving it over a chocolate fountain. Otherwise you will have another task to move the fruit back over.

And as I said before, don’t make the mistake of wasting moves by creating horizontal candies either, because they are not so useful here.

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