Beat Candy Crush Level 461: Tips from Player, Jasmine Jay

Level 461 is a very hard level in the Candy Crush Saga game and many players tend to have trouble beating it. But student Jasmine Jay, 24, has successfully done so – without using any boosters.

I recently interviewed Jasmine, who is from Virginia in the USA, to get some tips from her on passing Level 461 in the Candy Crush Saga. Here is what she said.

Here's how to beat Level 461 of Candy Crush Saga game. (Taken from

Here’s how to beat Level 461 of Candy Crush Saga game. (Taken from

Jasmine, why is this level so difficult?

One reason is because all of the six coloured candies are used during this level so it is difficult to create special candies. The board doesn’t give you many positions to be able to create colour bombs – which would otherwise be a huge help. In fact, the majority of special candies that you will be able to create are striped ones – and these are not so useful.

Another reason why this level is so difficult is because of the board’s shape. It is also very difficult to clear all of the chocolate to prevent it from growing and once the chocolate is cleared you will still have to clear the jelly (gels) in the corners.

What is a good way to start this level?

The upper part of the board is the best place to start. That would the section of the board that is above the chocolate. And work on knocking out the meringues as well as clearing the fish. Try not to clear the cells at the bottom until you have cleared most of the gels at the top.

What tips can you give to players, on beating this level?

At the beginning of this level, avoid breaking the liquorice-locked candies at the bottom of the board. You don’t want chocolate growing on the board for the entire level. So give yourself some time to clear the gels at the top. Try to wait until you have about 25 or 30 moves left, then you break the last two cells (at the bottom) that are blocking the chocolate.

Sometimes though, breaking the chocolate prematurely is unavoidable because in order to beat this level, you need to make as many special candies as possible but try your best to avoid this.

Do note too, that the jellyfish are more trouble than help during this level because it can break the cells earlier than you want.

What should be a player’s main focus, when playing this level?

Pay close attention to the board. Once the chocolate begins growing, try to remember where you have cleared the jelly. It is very easy to forget those last couple of gels hidden under the chocolate.

When you are done with the upper section of the board, try to keep the area where the last few gels remain – clear and free of chocolate, to improve your chances of success.

What are some common mistakes made by players at this level?

The biggest mistake made during this level is knocking out one of the two liquorice-locked candies at the start of the level, as this will cause the chocolate to grow – you don’t want to focus on knocking out the chocolate for the entire level. That is because there is so much gel to clear on this board. Only open up the bottom of the game board and release the chocolate when you have 20 moves left.

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