How to Beat Hard Level 445 in Candy Crush Saga

This level is very deceptive in the Candy Crush Saga game, because it looks incredibly easy at first glance. But when you get round to playing it, you will realise that it is definitely a hard level in Candy Crush Saga game.

Level 445 in Candy Crush Saga.

Level 445 in Candy Crush Saga

The objective of Level 445 is simple, though. You have to bring one cherry and one hazelnut to the bottom of the screen. At the same time, you need to score 20,000 points within just 30 moves.

Why is this level so difficult?

You will probably notice the candy bombs in Level 445 very quickly. There are two candy bombs located at the two top corners of the game board. These have exactly 17 moves each.

Moreover, the bombs are hidden behind many meringues and locked candies. So they will most probably explode before you manage to clear the meringues in time.

At the same time, the cherry and the hazelnut fall from the screen at either the two top corners of the board. And to add to the difficulty of this level, there aren’t any obvious slots where the cherry and the hazelnut can exit the screen at the two corners.

But there are some tricks to go about beating Level 445.

Get the ingredients to an adjacent column

To stand any chance to beat this level, you must try to get the ingredients to slide over to an adjacent column when they appear onto the screen.

There is a special way to get the candies to slide over to another column and set you on your path to victory. Try to break only the candies that are diagonally opposite the colour bombs. (Check out the image below for a clearer picture of exactly which locked candies you must free).


The yellow squares at the ones that must be opened up for the ingredients to drop down to the right columns.

Make special candy combinations

Using special candy combinations will greatly help you to break through the meringue layers and set you on the path to success. These include making wrapped + striped candies and colour bombs + wrapped candies. The more meringues you can eliminate in fewer moves, the better it is for you.

Do not waste moves

As you have only 30 moves, you should use your moves sparingly and do not make unnecessary ones that do not help to achieve your objective. For example, matching three candies at the top of the board is a waste of effort. If you can devise a combo using the free switch hand booster, you must choose to do this instead.

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  • Jayanthiraja says:

    Keep restarting the board till you get a 3 move to hit the cream blocks.
    Work on the upper part till you diffuse the bomb
    Use stripes to create space
    I used a red hand to swipe the ingredient from the non-exit column
    This level can be crossed easily using the red hand.

  • I have been on level 445 in candy crush for almost two months. I watch the videos, read the comments and still I can’t beat this level. It is driving me crazy!!!!!!! If anyone can help please do thanks janet

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