How to Beat Hard Level 152 of Candy Crush Saga

The main reason that contributes to the difficulty of Level 152 is the number of meringue blockers. Many of these meringues are at least three layers.

In addition, there are some four or five layered ones, which makes the objective of bringing two cherries and two hazelnuts to the bottom of the board, harder than ever. In many attempts, players have not even been able to get one ingredient to the bottom of the board, let alone all four.

Here's how to beat Level 152 of Candy Crush Saga.

Here’s how to beat Level 152 of Candy Crush Saga

So then, is there a way to beat this hard Level 152 of Candy Crush Saga? Try some of these tips.

Get a good board at the start of the game

You need to make sure that you have a good game board to begin with, at this level. If the board does not look very promising, exit the game and open it up again. If you exit without making a single move, you won’t lose any lives if you are playing the game on a mobile platform.

A good game board is one where the four ingredients (the two cherries and two hazelnuts) are positioned in the centre three columns of the board – there is roughly an eight per cent chance of this happening. So just exercise patience when you begin this level and don’t waste any of your lives as a result of getting a lousy game board at the start.

Try to make a vertical striped candy in the centre column

Once you have a good game board in Level 152, focus all of your efforts into making a vertical striped candy at the centre column of the board. The colour of the candy does not matter. When you manage to make one, then you should immediately activate it to bring down two of the four ingredients immediately. Then do this again to get the other two candies down to the bottom of the board – to complete Level 152.

Utilise the centre of the board

You must have noticed that there are no meringues in the centre column of the board. So if you are stuck with an ingredient just above a piece of meringue, try and form matches that will bring the ingredient to the centre column, where it can be blasted straight down with a vertical striped candy. This will greatly help you at Level 152.

Use colour bombs to your advantage

Try and make the most of colour bombs in this level if you are able to create them. Do not waste them. Match them with striped candies because combining a colour bomb with a striped candy at this level will help to clear a lot of the meringue and this will set you in a good stead to complete Level 152 and progress to the next one.

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