How to Beat Level 180 in the Candy Crush Saga Game

This is a very tricky level in the Candy Crush Saga game – so players may fail at it. It is an ingredient drop level and you are supposed to get one onion and two cherries to the bottom.

As well, the last two columns of this board are entirely covered in bombs, which is easily one of the most loathed components of the Candy Crush Saga game.

Level 180 of Candy Crush Saga is very tricky.

Level 180 of Candy Crush Saga is very tricky

To beat Level 180 of Candy Crush Saga, try the following.

Do Not Let the Bombs Distract You

Don’t think about the bombs in Level 180 That is because they are created only as a distraction and not for nothing else. If you look at the number of moves on the bombs, you will notice there are 35  – which is the exact number of moves that you are given to complete the level in the first place.

So the bombs in Level 180 of Candy Crush Saga are merely created to distract you from achieving your aim of getting the ingredients to the bottom. Just treat the bombs as though they are just ordinary candies.

Clear the whipped cream that’s underneath an ingredient

At Level 180, it is important to look at where your ingredients are and only clear the whipped cream that is directly underneath these. If you simply try and clear any old chunks of whipped cream, you are just wasting your 35 moves.

Concentrate all your efforts on the vertical columns that are directly in line with the ingredients you are supposed to bring to the bottom and see the rest of the board as a mere distraction and nothing more.

Colour Bomb + Striped Candy Combination

At Level 180 of Candy Crush Saga, this combination will be useful to clear a large chunk of the whipped cream so if you are able to, try and grab the opportunity. It may mean the difference between succeeding and failing at this level.

Make sure you get a good opening move

In Level 180 of Candy Crush Saga, do not make a move unless you get a good game board. Otherwise if you start playing, you will soon find that you are stuck and end up wasting a precious life as a result.

So do not make your first move – unless you see an immediate move that will lead to the destruction of whipped cream that is directly underneath one of the ingredients. Alternatively, make a move that creates a speckled colour bomb, which you can subsequently combine with a striped candy and clear a lot of the whipped cream at one go.

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