Beat Level 245 in Candy Crush Saga: Tips From A Player, Steve Hall

Level 245 is a very tricky level in the Candy Crush Saga game. Players often get stuck on this level, mainly because it is very tough to make not one, but five wrapped + striped candy combinations.

Candy Crush Level 245.

Candy Crush Level 245

But Candy Crush player Steve Hall, 64, has managed to beat Level 245 – without any boosters. In this blog post, the semi-retired farmer from Iowa, near DesMoines, in the United States, gives some tips on how to beat Level 245.

Recognize the L and T shapes required to form wrapped candies

According to Steve, one of the most important things about this level is being able to recognize the L and T shapes, in order to form a wrapped candy. Then you will have to be able to move them (the wrapped candy with a striped candy) together.”

The player explained, “Things don’t get any easier (at Level 245), so being able to form a wrapped candy and moving things around becomes necessary.”

He added, “There is also some skill needed, in moving the wrapped and the striped candies together.” For example, you need to know the layout of the rows and columns and how the candies fall onto the board – so that you can get them into the required positions.

Try to form matches in the lower half of the board

Steve also recommends that you should match candies in the lower half of the game board and try to use the cascades to beat this level. If you do so, you may even get extra striped and wrapped candies through these cascades – and these could help you to beat Level 245.

“Staying low and letting the cascade be your friend is always necessary. And try to keep the board moving as much as you can,” said Steve.

Creating Speckled Candies

Speckled candies certainly help too, according to this Candy Crush player, but do note that you may not be able to combine a speckled candy with the coloured candy of your choice.

For example, you may want to match a speckled candy together with a blue candy to make an orange wrapped candy. But if there is already a blue wrapped candy elsewhere on the board, this blue wrapped candy will get blown up with this move.

Get a good board at the beginning

Steve also believes that luck and being fortunate enough to get a good board at the beginning of the game is crucial to beating Level 245.

He said, “I believe it is 60 per cent luck and 40 per cent skill at this level. And yes, you must get a good board, with the candies in a shape that you can use to make a wrapped or striped candy.”

Do not match candies together just for the sake of it

According to the semi-retired farmer, matching three candies together just because you have to, but which does not contribute otherwise to the game, will destroy you. He said, “Making useless moves at this level will kill you and you’ll run out of moves quickly.”

Those Were Not Enough. I Want More Tips

If Steve tips did not help yet, here is some really great news! I have another interview with a different player who has beaten Level 245 too. To find out her Level 245 tips, do click here.

But I Am Still Stuck!

If you are still stuck on Level 245, get some more tips on how to beat it here.

I Beat Level 245. I want Tips For Other Levels.

You can get tips for other levels in the Candy Crush Saga game Here.

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  • Pauline says:

    Have read all the tips and I have been down to needing one, twice now I( have been on this level for two months I am playing on facebook but I wont give in and I wont spend money to win.

  • […] If you still need some more tips for Level 245, you are in luck! I managed to get good tips from another player who has passed Level 245 – and without boosters. For his tips, click here. […]

  • raj giri says:

    help level 245

  • Sue says:

    After one month stuck I GOT IT, thanks for the tips

  • Judy says:

    I too wanted to say “Thank You” to Steve. I was stuck here for several days and probably still would be, but fortunately read Steve’s tips….they were the most helpful tips I had read. Use of the color bombs correctly helped me to beat this level on my 3rd try. Eliminating one of the colors helped tremendously. Thanks again!!!

  • Bloom says:

    I just want to say thank you for the tips you provided from Steve. I was ready to toss in the towel, had been getting nowhere and after reading and then applying these tips I managed to fill the order on my first try. I did have to purchase the 5 extra moves booster, but all I needed was one extra move to combine my last wrapped and striped. So happy to be done with this level!!!

  • Mary says:

    Well, it was fun while it lasted. I have been stuck on this level for weeks and weeks. I no longer am having fun. I’ve tried so many times and try doing different things but its not working. Time to find a different game that is fun on all levels but still challenging. Spending weeks on the same level is not fun.

    • Priscilla says:

      I know how it feels to be stuck on the same level. But don’t think of giving up. If you persevere and keep trying, you will succeed.

      Sometimes, a mini break from Candy Crush, for a few days to a week, may also help if you are stuck at a level. I have tried it and when I return to the game, I can see the level with new eyes… and I beat it. 🙂

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