How to Beat Candy Crush Level 290

In this level of Candy Crush Saga, you are supposed to clear every single piece of jelly within 50 moves and reach 35,000 points.

Level 290 is not easy to beat.

Level 290 is not easy to beat

But Level 290 is quite tough because the jelly is encased under meringues that require you to hit them about four to five times. Moreover, the jelly squares are double jellies – so each one requires two hits, on top of those required to clear the meringue.

This level may cause you plenty of frustration. But Level 290 is not impossible to beat – with the right strategy.

Match the free jellyfish with a special candy

It is important to maximise the use of the jellyfish that you have been given. Try and match these with special candies. Do not simply waste them.

If you match a single jellyfish with a colour bomb, you will be able to clear nine jellies in a single move. This will help you enormously in completing this level. If you see a jellyfish positioned next to or directly above or below a striped or wrapped candy, this is also a very useful combination.

The striped candy will blast a horizontal or vertical line when the piece of jelly that the jellyfish has targeted is cleared and this may clear plenty of other jellies as well. As for the wrapped candy, combining this with a jellyfish will trigger the clearing of a three by three square of jelly. So try and form these combos whenever you get the chance to do so – and keep looking out for them as well.

Try and combine special candies

Combing special candies together will also be useful at this level. For example, a striped candy + colour bomb will turn all of the candies of the same colour into striped candies, which will then blast a huge chunk of the board – taking plenty of meringue and jelly along with it. With a limit of 50 moves, this is the type of move that you need to make, so that you can clear a lot of meringue and jelly in a single move.

Try and get a good board at the beginning

In this level, you need a lot of luck, for example, being able to get a good game board to start off with. So if you feel that you aren’t able to form satisfactory matches with the board that you have been given, do not start playing and forming matches. In order not to lose a life, just press the back button in your game and re-start Level 290. By doing this, you will still have your five lives, and as a bonus, get a completely new game board with the candies in totally different places. So ensure that you get a good board before starting to play.

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  • Melissa says:

    Hello. When I combine a jellyfish with a striped candy, the striped fish trigger one layer of meringue, and not blast an entire row or column. I’m in stuck. Sorry for my english!

    • Priscilla says:

      The jelly you are supposed to clear in this level is hidden underneath the meringue.

      So what is actually happening, is that the fish is actually eating a layer of jelly and thus, helping you to slowly clear the board in this way.

      Only if your striped jellyfish eats a layer of jelly that contains an ordinary candy, it will blast a row/column. It does not do that when the square eaten by the striped jellyfish does not contain a candy of any sort i.e. is blocked by meringue. It will simply eat the jelly hidden underneath and nothing else.

      So in this level, it may be a waste of striped candy to keep combining them with the jellyfish. Hope that helps.

  • Gaurav Gavli says:


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