How to Beat Hard Level 305 of the Candy Crush Saga Game

Clearing jelly is hard enough already in the Candy Crush game, but in Level 305, you have to deal with plenty of meringues as well. A lot of these are located in hard-to-reach positions on the board, such as at the corners. What is even worse is that the meringues stuck at the corners are five-layered ones, and this can get on the nerves of even the most experienced of Candy Crush players.

Get tips to beat Level 305 here.

Get tips to beat Level 305 here

You only have 55 moves to clear 72 jellies and must score 140,000 points at the same time, so this is definitely not an easy level, especially if you do not get a good game board at the beginning.

But Level 305 is not impossible if you know the right tricks. Here are some tips on how you can beat Level 305 in this popular smartphone game.

Save the jellyfish you are given

In this level, you are given a free jellyfish to help you eat the jelly. This jellyfish is wrapped in marmalade. Try not to open it and play it too soon, though.

This is because if you are able to save it up, you will have a higher chance of using this jellyfish to clear the piece of jelly underneath the five-layered meringues and thus complete the level. Otherwise you will have to painstakingly clear the meringue all by yourself, if you waste this jellyfish.

Try combining the jellyfish with a colour bomb

If you are lucky enough to create a colour bomb at this level, try and utilise it, because this combination will create nine jellyfish, which will clear nine jellies. So you will stand a much higher chance of clearing the jelly that is hidden under the five-layered meringues.

Moreover, if you are able to achieve this combination earlier in the game, then you will be able to maximise its usage and clear nine jellies within a single move. Usually, a single move just clears a maximum of three jelly squares unless it is a move featuring a special candy.

Create striped candies

In the event that you can’t rely on your jellyfish, try and make striped candies in this level and try to get these to the edges of the board before you blast them. Doing so will help you to clear the hard-to-reach sections of your game board and thus improve your chances of being able to beat this level.

Take a gamble with your mystery candies

In this level, you are randomly given mystery candies, with a question mark on them. Sure, they can turn into chocolate and meringues, but they may also become striped candies and colour bombs. So take your chances with these candies and play them whenever you see them.

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If you have any comments on this level, do share with us.

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  • Judy says:

    I have been on level 305 since Feb 2015. I cannot get the level it is so frustrating. Please let me go ahead. I can’t DO IT

    • Priscilla says:

      Hi there. I am not the Candy Crush game maker, so unfortunately I cannot help you there. I’m only a blogger trying to help players by giving tips. But try using the free booster wheel in addition to the tips above, if you need a booster or two, to pass this level. Best of luck!

  • loes says:

    after trying and trying and yes even spent some money buying boosters….. stil did not complete this level.
    So i am going to leave candy crush and delete from my computer

    • Priscilla says:

      You don’t need to buy boosters. You can spin the free boosters wheel daily and save the boosters on there for when you need them. 🙂

  • Judy says:

    I have been at this level for weeks. I have tried the tips. I AM SO FRUSTRATED

  • Karen says:

    I’ve been playing level 305 for two weeks now. I got it down to one about 4 times, but for days now I’ve been getting a lot more bombs and chocolate! It’s suspicious that it’s so much different than last week. 🙁 I’ll just endlessly keep playing and think eventually I’ll get lucky and win, but it’s EXTREMELY frustrating! I thought this game was supposed to be fun. I think it’s only fun to the sadistic creators. The only reason I don’t quit is I’m too stubborn.

  • jillian says:

    Thanks for the great tips!! two weeks I was stuck on this level, read this and got it on my second try!!!

  • Paul says:

    Another Big Tip: Those bottom corners with the heavy meringue DO NOT HAVE A JELLY under them! Big saver. You can just focus on the layer of two just above these and manage those easier. Try it! Do the math when you fail but come close – 3 or so layers of jelly under the other squares, but none to account for under the two lowest corners. Once I confirmed this, I was able to prioritize better and solve faster.

    • Gigi says:

      Actually that information is incorrect which I just found out the hard way. The bottom right hand corner does contain a double layer of jelly. The left doesn’t. I discovered this after playing this stupid level ALL day and not coming close to getting all the jelly until I just got a board where I thought I only had one piece left b/c I had just read this. The idea of playing another 50 xs to get down to that one piece killed me so I did the unthinkable and broke down and bought 3 lollipops(that’s the smallest amount you can buy). I have never spent a cent on this game and swore I never would. So I was already feeling ashamed but told myself it was just this one time. So I smash my “last jelly” and nothing happens. I had one move left. Confused, I made the last move. It tells me I didn’t pass the level and I have one more piece of jelly! At that point both bottom pieces were covered by one layer of maringue. I couldn’t believe it….it asks me do I want to pay to continue and since I had the extra hammers already I did. I just had to guess as to which one had the jelly and TG I guessed right or I think I would’ve had a nervous breakdown. I honestly wouldn’t have bought the lollipop hammer to begin w/ if I knew there was more than one piece left. So again to anyone reading-the above info is incorrect…there is a single layered jelly under the bottom right hand corner but not the left. I should’ve confirmed the info somehow before actually giving in and spending $5 on this game. I managed to get 305 levels before doing so. Never again! Oh well, at least that awful level is behind me! :/

      • Diana says:

        Yeah..I found out the hard way as well that those corner bricks DO have jelly. This is one SOB of a level. Been on it all week now. Thanks for the tips though. I really appreciate them..

      • Sisir says:

        From my experience both of you are not correct. When i completed this level both my bottom most ( Right and left corners) were not broken and the game was over. So it depends on the games and luck. Sometime there are jelly in both those corners, sometimes only on the left or the right corner and some times in none of them. So its hard to predict. Its just about luck. So the possibility of jelly is unpredictable in this level. This level is made to earn money and nothing more.
        I played weeks b4 I completed this level. Luck luck and luck is what required.

  • Steve says:

    Finally got 305 after a day of frustration. wrapped/striped was the answer and the candies finally fell in the right places. Also, some vertical stripes helped greatly on the candies in the lower corners. Just a good board after many, many not so good. I tried working the top of the meringue as much as possible, but it’s really the bottom corners that I got lucky on. This is a real monster of a level. I couldn’t tell you how many boards I played. I have friends who send lives pretty quickly. I’d say this is right up there as the hardest so far for me. The main problem most of the time either really bad boards or running out of moves, just when the candies started to fall in place I’d run out of moves and it seems this level has more shuffling than most, which loses a move. Also, with limited moves a lot of times they were non-productive.

    • kathy says:

      I cant get this leave 305 it it makes me feel stupid .I feel like I’m never going to get it . I never been on one this long. can someone help me????????????????

      • Priscilla says:

        Yuu will get Level 305 eventually.

        How about taking a break from Candy Crush for about a couple of weeks and return to it. Somehow when I have done that in the past, I get an easy board that explodes a lot.

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