How to Beat Hard Level 377 in the Candy Crush Saga Game

In this candy order level of the Candy Crush Saga game, you are supposed to collect 100 yellow candies, 100 purple candies and 100 green candies and score 30,000 points in 50 moves or less. While the objective is similar to Level 140, the much smaller board makes this one much more difficult.

Level 377 of Candy Crush Saga can be beaten.

Level 377 of Candy Crush Saga can be beaten

Also, you have to go through thick layers of meringue and you must break these layers up – not to mention those pesky cake bombs, which are taking up lots of space too. While the cake bombs may help to clear some candies, it takes plenty of moves and effort just to clear them in the first place.

So then, how do you beat Level 377 and what is the best strategy to do so? Here’s some tips.

Create special candies

Try and create special candies if you are not able to beat this level – the striped, wrapped and colour bomb candies.

Also, combining striped + wrapped candies or colour bombs + wrapped candies can clear large sections of the game board at one go, so this would go some way to helping you to not only fulfil your order, but to also get rid of those two pesky cake bombs.

In fact, this is about the best strategy to clear the cake bombs, so whenever you see a chance to create special candies, you must make them, regardless of the colour. Of course though, if you are able to match five yellow/purple/green candies together to form a colour bomb, that is a huge bonus for you.

Do not let the meringues distract your game

If you are able to clear some of the meringues, then that is good for you. But do not make any special efforts to purposely clear them just to free up more space on your game board – to reach the cake bombs. Try to use the special candies (the striped candies, wrapped candies and colour bombs) instead – to get rid of the cake bombs. Clearing meringues will only take up lots of moves and you can’t afford to really waste any at this level because of the order requirements to fulfil Level 377.

Use the cake bombs to your advantage

The good thing about the cake bombs in this level is that when they are cleared, they take the entire game board along with them. So you will be able to clear huge amounts of candies at the same time. So some of your efforts at this level should be focused at clearing cake bombs, because they can help you rather than be a hindrance here – unlike those multi-layered meringue blockers that are merely frustrating and irritating.

Once you have cleared both cake bombs from the board, you will find that you have a lot more space to work with and thus, it will be much easier to fulfil the order requirements to clearing this level.

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