Step By Step Strategy To Beat Candy Crush Level 404

Level 404 is a rather tricky and frustrating level in Candy Crush Saga – especially at the beginning when the chocolate mercilessly eats your jellyfish and there appears to be almost no way of controlling them at all.

A step by step strategy to beat Hard Level 404 of Candy Crush Saga.

A step by step strategy to beat Hard Level 404 of Candy Crush Saga

Here is a useful step-by-step strategy to help you beat Level 404 in the Candy Crush Saga game.

Step 1: Observe What the First Jellyfish Eats When You Play It

By observing the first jellyfish that you open and taking note of which jellies it eats, you will be able to have a good idea of how you will progress in Level 404.

If the first jellyfish eats one of the jellies at the top of the game board, you won’t be able to clear this level and you may have trouble destroying the jellies hidden underneath the meringue. But you are in luck if it focuses on the jellies at the bottom of the board. There is a 15% chance of this happening, so just keep your fingers crossed when you play your first jellyfish card.

But should the jellyfish eat a jelly at the top, your game isn’t over. Focus your efforts into making a colour bomb and combine this with a jellyfish. (See Tips on Level 404 for more about this tactic).

Step 2: Clear all the jellies at the top of the board

Once you have opened your first jellyfish, your efforts now should be to focus on the top of the game board and get rid of all of the easy-to-reach jellies. Do not unlock your other jellyfish because you would be wasting them and will have trouble getting rid of the remaining jelly towards the end. Sometimes it may be inevitable that a jellyfish is accidentally triggered, but just try your best to follow this strategy. Some fine elements in the game can’t really be controlled. But do always keep an eye out on making colour bombs and combine these with the jellyfish whenever possible.

Step 3: Trigger your Remaining Jellyfish

If you have followed Step 2, then you should have eight jellyfish left and no jellies on the top of the board. Now you must try to unlock and play your remaining jellyfish. As long as there are no jellies on the top of the board, you don’t need to worry at all about the fish deflecting up there. Simultaneously set off the jellyfish one by one until you have played all of them. If everything has gone well and nothing has been screwed up along the way, triggering your last jellyfish should result in a sugar crush.

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