Beat Odus the Owl’s Dreamworld Level 43 in Candy Crush Saga


The highest level reported or completed by PrischewDotCom readers so far was at level 1955 for Candy Crush Saga and at level 665 for Candy Crush Odus the Owl’s Dreamworld.

So far, this is one of the harder levels that I have come across in Odus the Owl’s Dreamworld, in the Candy Crush Saga game. In this level, you are required to score 160,000 points in 30 moves and the board looks simple enough and quite straightforward at first glance.

Level 43 of the Dreamworld mode, in Candy Crush Saga.

Level 43 of the Dreamworld mode, in Candy Crush Saga

However I found that the main problem with this level is that it is very hard to score 160,000 points within so few moves. At the same time, I found balancing Odus’s moon scale very challenging because there were plenty of times when I felt that I was on track to finally reach the minimum number of points required to pass the level. But then suddenly Odus would fall off his perch and I would lose the game.

However I have finally managed to beat this level and here are some tips on how I have done so.

Keep the moon scale carefully balanced

This tip is important in more ways than one. If you are able to keep the moon scale balanced, then two colours of candies will be cleared during the Moon Struck mode when the scale is completely full. However, if it is tilting too much towards one side, then only one colour will be cleared from the game board.

Having two colours cleared will help tremendously at this particular level, because not only will it improve your chances of creating special candies, but the clearing of the colours from the board will also generate a massive number of points. In this level, the only thing that you are looking for is the points. So if you can pick up points without wasting any moves, why not capitalise on it? That is one of the huge benefits of Odus and the Moon Scale.

Be careful when playing your special candies

In the normal Candy Crush game, you do not need to watch out when playing your special candies. In fact, I’m sure that you would rejoice whenever you get the chance to play two special candies together. But in Odus’s Dreamworld mode, you cannot simply play your special candies anyhow.

For example, the colour bomb + colour bomb combination is usually quite powerful because it clears the entire board and generates a massive number of points in the process. But if the board comprises of too many pieces of one of the two varieties of candies displayed on Odus’s moon scale, then it will topple over – regardless of how many points you have scored until this point – and you will then lose the level.

Try to get a good sugar crush

In this level, you get a sugar crush once you have exhausted the number of moves. You can improve the number of “bonus” points scored during sugar crush by creating special candies – but not playing them – during your last few moves. These special candies will then subsequently detonate, giving you many more points. As points are what you need at this level, this tactic is also very beneficial here.

Need More Tips? You Are In Luck

If you are still stuck at this level of Dreamworld, you are in luck! I got tips from a player who beat this level with three stars and more than 260,000 points. To read his tips, click here.




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  • Bob says:

    I really don’t know what level 43 everyone is talking about. There is no owl, Odus, scale, 30 moves or anything. It’s just 60 seconds to get 50,000 points to pass this level.
    It seems impossible. Am I the only one encountering this game at this level? Everybody above seems to be talking about an entirely different game. What gives?

  • I was looking for tips on candy crush level 43…the first timed level. Where is the ‘dreamworld’ candy crush with the owl and why am I not on same page as everyone?

  • Arun says:

    Priscilla, thank you so so much….
    Months have passed trying to bag this level and every time I won’t even reach half way through…
    That’s when the idea to search the tip struck(yeah too late).
    Believe be I passed the level @ the 3rd attempt!!! in 1st nd 2nd attempt i was so close.
    Now I’m playing this level again & again to best my last score now how funny s that??

    I though it’s really injustice with you if I don’t thank before turning my back.
    &.. I’ll be back if I get into trouble again.. Who knows how coming levels are..

    • Priscilla says:

      Hi Arun, Thanks so much for your kind comments, and really glad that the tips had helped you to pass this level! 😉

  • Jerry Ferrari says:

    After being stuck on this level for an eternity, I just beat it about 15 minutes ago with over 1.3 million points, 1,340,660 to be exact, I about fainted.

  • Julie braun says:

    I hve just scored 366580 points on this level!!!! I take it thats quite goof??

  • katie says:

    471600!!! THANKS!

  • deborah says:

    I wasn’t able to get more than 60000 points until I read your tips. I finally finished with a score of 320000. Thanks so much.

  • Shannon says:

    Got 82million plus using tips above 🙂 even screenshoted it for bragging proof with my hubby 🙂

  • Danielle says:

    I just got three stars after being stuck at this level for ages. I followed this tips but also did something else: after you get the first moonstruck, try to combine a color bomb with some other special candy BEFORE the moonstruck is over (I mean, before Odus flies back). This gives you a lot of points without the risk of Odus losing balance. I combined the color bomb with a wrapped candy, and that alone sent me from like 30k points to over 160k.

  • Finn says:

    I some how managed to beat this level with a score of 253,520. What I did was of course try to keep the scale balanced but as I got close to the first sugar crush, I tried to have a bunch of the special candies of the types that were balancing the scale. This way when the sugar crush was set off, those candies would activate. Then, by the second to last move, I tried to have a color bomb next to one of the stripped special candies. With the second to last move, I would put these two candies together (color bomb and a stripped one) which than took out most of the board without me having to worry about the scale balancing. Of course the trick was having these two special candies next to each other and it took me a number of tries, but finally I got the score of 253,520. I did get close a few times, but finally was able to complete this level.

  • Jeff says:

    I put two colour bombs together which gave me “Moonstruck” then I used my last move to put a colour bomb and a striped orange together with a ton of orange candies on the board which then gave me my Sugarcrush DURING MOONSTRUCK… and still only got 84,700 points. Makes me wanna throw this iPad frisbee-style into the fireplace.

  • Angela says:

    I have gotten well over 160,000 point and it isn’t letting me pass the level. WTF am I missing here?

    • Priscilla says:

      What level are you on, in the actual Candy Crush Game? Maybe you need to complete more levels in order to progress in Dreamworld.

  • Rey says:

    Thank you steve – couldn’t have said it any better. No clue how this thing should work…

  • Sharon says:

    Finally!!! I’ve been stuck on this level for about a month. Thank you for the helpful tips. I managed a score of 230,500!

  • Dpats says:

    Finally! I was looking for real-time tricks to pass level 43 in Candy Crush Saga’s Dreamworld mode and here it is! Also, your tips sound much easier than anywhere else. I found the Special Candies and Moon Scale tips interesting, haven’t tried it before as special candies esp. colour bombs are hard for me to make. Thank you!

  • jan says:

    Thank you! Worked on this level for a couple days then found your tips and just completed it with 294,000 points. Not sure exactly how it happened but I’m sure glad it worked!!

  • Sunshyne says:

    I just found these hints today, and about 15 tries later, I beat this level with 168,000 pts! Thanks so much. Anyone who’s still having trouble, keeping Odus with an even perch is crucial, and keep the use of special candies to a minimum so they will be available during “Moon Struck”. You should be able to have two “Moon Struck” phases. Keep trying!

  • steve says:

    I must be playing a different level 43 dreamworld than everyone else because I can’t come close. Not one of these hints works for me. No matter what I do odus meter fills with 16 moves left and again with one. He never removes two colors when he is full and level. Saving up specials doesn’t work either. I’ve stockpiled over 15 for the sugar crush and still don’t come close to 160000 points. I’ve been stuck on this level for 3 months or more and have played it hundreds of times. Could someone please help me?

  • KateD says:

    Thank you!! I tried this level unsuccessfully about 10 times. Then I read your tips, tried again and completed the level with over 251000 points! For me, it was saving the special candies to go off at the end that made all the difference. Yippee!!

  • Kevin says:

    I just passed this level. I had to buy 15 more moves though, but on my extra 14th move, something weird happened. The candy kept on combining itself and I went from 160,000 to 18.8 MILLION…..NO KIDDING!! 18.8 Million in ONE MOVE!!

  • Roshan says:

    Dear all…i got 350000+ points but after putting my brain into this level…
    The trick is to prioritize the thing in following manner…
    1. Concentrate on Odus while removing the candies of the colour that Odus is balancing on. This with fill up the moon power more quick.
    2. Try to create chocolate candy
    3. mix chocolate candies with striped once it will nullify the balancing criteria.
    4. when there is no striped candy to be mixed with chocolate candy mix it with candy of colour other than balancing candies.

  • Tiquita says:

    All I can say is Thank Ya! After being stuck on level 43 for almost 2 weeks, I finally passes it! (Sigh of relief).

  • Dennis says:

    Legit! After being stuck for a week at this level, I followed the tips here and got over 260000 points ; 3 Stars! Thanks x 1000000 !

    • Priscilla says:

      And many congrats to you too, for beating Level 43, one of the hardest Dreamworld levels! Best of luck in crushing more candies!

  • La Verne says:

    THANK YOU!!! Followed your tips and finish this level in three tries. Before your tips I have been working on this level for a week. Thanks again.

  • Tammy says:

    Thanks for the tips! I thought I’d never pass this stage, but like Kate I did it on my second attempt after reading your tips :-).

  • Kate says:

    I followed the tips from above and I passed the level on my second try using those tips – THANKS for posting

  • Priscilla says:

    Has anyone beaten this level? Share your tips here 🙂

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