Beat Odus The Owl’s Dreamworld Level 45 in Candy Crush Saga

This is another rather challenging level in the new Odus The Owl’s Dreamworld mode of the Candy Crush Saga game. The objective is to clear all of the jelly squares and score 140,000 points. Moreover, you have exactly 30 moves to do so.

Level 45 of Candy Crush Dreamworld can be beaten.

Level 45 of Candy Crush Dreamworld can be beaten

You would also probably know that one of the double jelly squares is sitting in the middle of the Odus the Owl Dreamworld Level 45 board and is positioned all alone – so it is therefore completely impossible to clear by matching three candies together.

What’s more, you also have to keep track of Odus the owl and see whether or not he is about to fall off his perch because this is a Dreamworld level, after all.

But this level can still be beaten if you go about it using the right strategy. Here are some tips that you can use to do so.

Ignore the liquorice blockers

In this level, you would have probably seen those liquorice blockers surrounding the sides of the board. Just ignore these. They are there purely to distract you and there is no jelly hiding inside them. So unless you feel like you need the space to create special candies, you can just focus on the centre of the board itself. Do not waste your moves clearing unnecessary candies in Odus the Owl Dreamworld Level 45 of Candy Crush Saga.

Use colour bombs or striped candy to eliminate the jelly in the centre

The piece of jelly that many would probably be undone by is the one in the middle. This is because it is sitting all by itself, so the only way to remove it is through colour bombs or striped candies.

For colour bombs, match them with a candy bearing the same colour as the one in the middle. For the striped candies, try and get these to align with the one in the middle before you set it off. However you can also combine a colour bomb together with a striped candy for maximum effect and hope for the best. In fact, I was lucky enough to get this combination. This is how I managed to clear Odus the Owl Dreamworld Level 45.

Keep an eye on Odus the Owl

With every move that you make at this level, do ensure that you watch Odus the Owl very carefully. This is because you will only need to make eight moves of one of the two colours of Odus’s moon scale – without making a single move of the other colour – and he will immediately topple over. Once he does, it is game over.

Do also remember that cascades will also add to the imbalance of Odus’s scale. So whenever you are making a move that may result in cascades, just be careful and think your moves ahead, so that you will not cause Odus the owl to topple over.

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