Beat Odus the Owl’s Dreamworld Level 55 in Candy Crush Saga

Level 55 in Odus the Owl’s Dreamworld (Candy Crush Saga), is typically a difficult level because when you are presented with the game board, you will be astonished at the number of meringue blockers that are present on it. This may deter some players at first.

Dreamworld Level 55 is not impossible to play and beat.

Dreamworld Level 55 is not impossible to play and beat

At the same time, even though there is only one ingredient (a hazelnut), the total points that you must chalk up is quite high – 50,000 points in 15 moves. So you may fail because of this – not because you can’t bring the ingredient down to the bottom.

But if you are consistently failing Level 55 in Dreamworld as a result of not meeting the points target, here are some useful tips to get you through.

Remove the meringue

These meringue blockers are only a single layer each, so they are easy to get rid of. The only problem is the sheer quantity, so try and eliminate them from this level of the game as fast as possible – to give yourself more space to make combinations.

Always keep the moon scale balanced

It is also vital to keep Odus’s moon scale balanced at this level too, because like in the previous levels, this owl has the tendency to “drink far too much” and get tipsy – which is why he falls off his perch so easily.

So whenever you are making matches, try and keep an eye on the moon scale and don’t make a match if you think that Odus is in danger of falling off his perch.

Do not touch the single locked candy directly under the hazelnut

By not touching the single locked candy directly located under the hazelnut, this ingredient will move into another column that is nearer to the centre when you eliminate the meringue. As a result, this may make it a lot easier to achieve the target objective of this level.

Many players may make the mistake of believing that this candy is the most important one to unlock, but this is not true. Do not fall into that trap and end up failing this level – as a result of trying to unlock this candy.

Use the moon struck mode to make combinations

Even though the original Level 55 (not in the Dreamworld mode) contains four colours of candies, the Dreamworld versions have five colours and so making combinations may be more challenging. When this is reduced to four in the moon struck mode, try and use this to your full advantage to make special candies. Special candies include colour bombs, wrapped and striped candies  and they will bring the ingredient down to the bottom.

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  • Carol Carroll says:

    I think its quite stupid to make thiz level this challenging with so few moves.
    What were U thinking..or were U tho.king?????

    • Priscilla says:

      Thanks for your comments.

      Sorry I am not the candy crush creator. King is the maker. Mange you could write to them directly.

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