How to Beat Level 162 in Candy Crush Saga

This is a candy order level where you are required to combine a striped candy and a wrapped candy together twice. You must also pick up a total of 30,000 points within about 40 moves.

Yes you can beat Level 162 with the right strategy.

Yes you can beat Level 162 with the right strategy

Level 162 in Candy Crush is made particularly hard because of the challenging layout of the game board, which makes it tough to create special candies – especially wrapped ones. At the same time, the chocolate factories add to the toughness of this level because you can’t clear the chocolate that keeps on being produced and you may find that if you don’t keep on getting rid of them, they might completely engulf your entire game altogether.

So then, how do you beat Level 162 in this Candy Crush Saga game?

Seize any chance you get to make wrapped candies

Because of the layout of the board, making wrapped candies is a real challenge. So whenever you see a potential opportunity to create one in Level 162 of Candy Crush, you should just grab it with open arms. Focus on the wrapped candies first, because the striped ones are usually much easier to make. As long as you have a wrapped candy on the board, you should be able to find a chance to make a striped one so you can combine the two special candies together.

Even though you may have another good move elsewhere on the board, or even if the chocolate is threatening to engulf another section of your game board, it is still vital that you get that wrapped candy first before you consider making another move. Having that candy could just mean the difference between passing and failing at Candy Crush Level 162.

Constantly keep an eye out on the chocolate

To prevent the chocolate from overwhelming you in Candy Crush Saga Level 162, try and clear a few chocolate squares after every few moves, so that you can keep them at bay. The secret behind this is that if you don’t clear the chocolates, then it will keep on multiplying until the board is completely covered with this brown substance.

You don’t need to clear the chocolate at every move – otherwise you would be losing sight of your overall objective, which is to collect striped and wrapped candies. Just try and make sure you get rid of some, for every three to four moves that you make – to control the chocolate. You can still have some chocolate on your board though when you pass the level, so don’t let yourself get obsessed over clearing it. Using the explosions generated from your striped and wrapped candies is a good way to clear some of the chocolate.

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Be patient

Try and exercise patience at Level 162 and do not expect to clear it on the first try. Many players have eventually succeeded at Level 162, and you will too if you are patient and do not let yourself get obsessed over completing this level. Just keep on trying and you will succeed too – and move on to the next level.

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