Candy Crush Saga: Entering Odus the Owl’s Dreamworld

I have recently discovered Dreamworld, which is the brand new mode on the Candy Crush Saga game. So far, it has been a totally refreshing experience and its sheer ease and simplicity (well, so far at least) has motivated me to keep returning to Dreamworld.

Dreamworld is an alternative Candy Crush universe.

Dreamworld is an alternative Candy Crush universe

What is Dreamworld?

To enter the Dreamworld mode, you have to click on the image of Odus the Owl in the normal game. However this new and engaging mode is only available to Candy Crush players who have passed Level 50 in the game itself.

In this new mode, there are a total of 65 brand new levels available and these are based on the first 65 levels of the game itself. Moreover, there is a twist to this Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld. The main objective of the game is to not only fulfilling the requirements of the level, but also to prevent Odus the Owl from falling off his perch.

Odus the Owl pulls a screen down on the normal Candy Crush board and you enter Dreamworld.

Odus the Owl pulls a screen down on the normal Candy Crush board and you enter Dreamworld.

Playing Dreamworld

As soon as you enter Dreamworld for the very first time, you will be given an easy-to-understand tutorial on how to play the game with Odus.

It works this way. Odus sleeps on a perch that is finely balanced by two candy colours. These colours are generated entirely at random. If you match too many candies of either one of these colours, Odus will fall off his perch and you will lose the game.

So if you discover that Odus appears to be sinking too much to one side, then you should quickly try to make matches of the other colour. However if there appear to be no matches available in that specific colour, then it’s just too bad for you and you will subsequently lose the game.

Dreamworld's Moon Struck mode.

Dreamworld’s Moon Struck mode.

There is another really interesting mode available in Dreamworld too. It is called Moon Struck and it happens when you have matched a certain number of candies without Odus falling off. You must have noticed that each candy you match will result in Odus’ perch filling up with yellow “moon powder.” Once the perch is full, the Moon Struck mode takes place and this will eliminate one or two colours of candies – thus making it super easy to create special candies. I have gotten a “sugar crush” because of the Moon Struck mode quite a few times.

Another bonus of Dreamworld – so far – is that you do not need to purchase tickets or ask your friends for help to reach the next episode. It appears to be that you can simply hop onto the candy train once you have finished one episode and move onto the next instantaneously. This is another refreshing change that I really like in Dreamworld.

My Thoughts on the Candy Crush Dreamworld

So far, I have completed 21 levels of Dreamworld and I have really found my gaming experience quite liberating. In my time, I only let Odus fall off his perch once, probably because I wasn’t looking at the colours of candies that I was matching.

But overall, this is a really neat addition to Candy Crush Saga and it is an interesting move by King (its makers), to continue to keep the game fresh.


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Candy Crush Dreamworld Odus the Owl Level 43
Dreamworld Odus the Owl Level 45
Candy crush Odus Level 47
Odus the Owl Level 54
Dreamworld Odus Level 63 


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  • Donna says:

    I hate to burst your love bubble with Candy Crush Dream but you get to level 665 and the game just abruptly ends. You get a note of Congratulations and that’s it!

  • Fernanda Cordeiro says:

    Every time “Dream world unblocked” pops up, in Candy Crush game, my boosters disapeare! All of them! It’s really frustrsting! I hate Odus!

  • Sharon Leigh says:

    I am level 510 in reality side and it won’t let me proceed to level 396 in dreamworld side. Where is the chart showing what level has to be beat in reality in order to proceed in dreamworld side? Because the same for same level thing does not seem to apply. I have messaged the programmers 4 times now with no response.

    • Priscilla says:

      Sorry about this, but I’m not really sure. I only know the way to progress in Dreamworld is to play more levels, but don’t have any charts on the exact level to beat.

      Does anyone else know? Please share.

  • Angela says:

    I have gotting to level 54 in the dream world yet I dnt have additional life for the dream world it jst tje normal world life I have ,hw can you hlep me

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  • iveliz says:

    I’ve noticed my friends playing Candy Crush and they have a different set of lives for when they play Otis. I tried updating my Facebook and Candy Crush app,still nothing..

  • Lia says:

    Why don’t I have lives for Odus anymore? Normally I had 5 normal lives and 5 for Odus, but not anymore, now only 5 normal!! Anyone?

  • crazy says:

    ive completed all levels of dreamworld. . and now i want to delete the progress of only dream world. . and start the dreamworld again. .
    can anybody tell me how to delete the dreamworld progress without losing the progress of normal world. . .??

  • lisa says:

    I am stuck in dreamworld too. Soooo frustrated. It has been weeks and weeks ago that I was in reality at level 160 something. What in the world to do??

  • Scradley d says:

    I have version 1.38.1. My gf has 5 seperate lives for normal cc and dw… I do not:(.. It still just shows the exclamation point in bubble above odus where as my gf shows 5 lives. Is there some sort of trick ie points or 3 stars that i have to complete.. We are on approx. same levels on both

  • Sue says:

    I can’t get out of Dreamworld back to Reality either. The owl circle has a question mark in it and when I click on it, it just comes up with the owl message but I can’t click back to the main game. Help please?

    • saqi says:

      have a similar issue… and m getting so frustrated .. at level 575 or so in CC reality.. now dreamworld is showing level one.. i wana go back to reality… someone please solve this up

    • Priscilla says:

      That’s strange. Does anyone else know why?

      Whenever I click the owl, it always transports me back to reality.

      Maybe you need a Wi-Fi connection to get back to reality? Try doing so?

  • M says:

    I started playing dreamworld, and now I can’t get back to “reality.” There isn’t an option anywhere. I used to click the owl to go back but that doesn’t work. I believe I was over level 350, and in dean world I have passed level 51. I just want reality back…

    • Priscilla says:

      That’s strange. I always click the owl and it brings me back to Reality.
      If you are playing via mobile, could you try deleting and re-installing the game? If it is synced to your Facebook account, you will not lose any progress.

      Does anyone else have any tips?

  • Aiknow says:

    I wonder why my husband iphone & ipad have different set of life 5 lifes for Odus mode and another 5 lifes for normal mode. However i dont have it on both my ipad & iphone. How can i tirn on that function ????

    • Priscilla says:

      I think you need to go to the app store and update your game. That should do the trick. 🙂

      • John Smith says:

        I have the updated version of the game but only get a set of 5 lives for both regular and dreamworld. Three other people I know who play the game get 5 lives for regular mode and 5 for dreamworld. It doesn’t have to do with an updated version. Perhaps the updated version did away with giving you 5 lives for each mode to try and force you to spend money? That’s my theory..

        • Priscilla says:

          Hmm does anyone else know why?

          Personally, I know that I get 5 lives for regular mode and another 5 for Dreamworld.

        • Fxxx says:

          I have the same issue here with my iPad. I just updated to the newest version a minute ago, but it didn’t help at all. I only have 5 lives for both modes.

          • Snow White says:

            I used to have 5 lives for regular cc and 5 separate dw lives, but somehow yesterday it changed to 5 lives altogether which get used up in whichever mode I choose to play in. I don’t know how or why it happened but I’d like my separate lives back!

    • Laurie says:

      I used to get 5 lives for both Odus and for Regular, but yesterday (Dec 1) I noticed that I no longer get separate lives for both worlds. I am back to getting 5 lives to share. The 5 lives for Odus suddenly appeared last time I updated, so I updated again yesterday, but still only have 5 lives to share. What happened? I would like them back!

      • Lisa says:

        Me too.. It also happened to me yesterday. My 5 lives are shared I don’t get 5 in dreamworld as well as 5 in regular like I did before yesterday. There was an update I think….

      • Stephanie says:

        The same thing happened to me yesterday, Dec 1.i used to have 5 lives in each, and now just a total of five for both combined. Very frustrating. I’ve also been stck on these levels for EVER!! 361 in regular mode and 101 in Dreamworlds. I’ll never get past them at this rate!!

        • Priscilla says:

          Guys, unfortunately I think this appears to have been due to a Candy Crush update… Frustrating I know, but as players, we can’t really do much but hope for King to bring back 5 separate lives for Dreamworld and Candy Crush respectively… 🙁

  • Michael says:

    My game freezes on dreamworld every time i get the moon and odus leaves and it completes the level.. any idea why this happens? like im on Lvl 57 ingredients fall down… the couple that i had left dropped off screen to complete the lvl during the moon strike and odus wont come back and complete the lvl..;. But it shows everything checked for the ingredients. the music is still playing, disco ball bouncing around like it does, but it wont finish the lvl. this happens quite often and i have to restart it over. loosing too many lives doing this. very irritating. i have a screen shot of it but i cant post it here. please if you can help… Please i beg of you do so lol…

    • Priscilla says:

      Hmm, it sounds like your game could have a bug.

      Try to delete your Candy Crush and then re-download the game. That should start the game afresh. If you have saved your progress to Facebook, you won’t lose anything and can play where you last left off.

      Hope that helps!

  • Lisa says:

    I get a message in dreamworld that I need to complete another episode in the saga to unlock your next dreamworld adventure?

    Does this mean that I have to complete a complete episode in the regular candy crush? I started playing dreamworld because I was no longer was interested in the regular game. It’s too bad because if I’m right then the message basically means that I quit the game.

  • linda b. says:

    I am in dream world. Did number 50 and now it tells me my progress is blocked. Why

  • angela says:

    I didn’t mention that the level I was trying to go to was in the Dreamworld with Odus.

  • angela says:

    I am getting ready to go t level 81 but it says I need to complete another episode of the saga before I can go and says it’s locked. What does that mean? I won level 80, so why won’t it let me continue to the next level?

    • Priscilla says:

      Hi Angela, this means that you must complete more levels in the Candy Crush Saga “Reality” mode. Then you can complete more Dreamworld levels. Hope that helps!

  • Lynann says:

    My son’s version does not have Dreamworld. He is on level 110 and on version 1.27. He is on the using a first generation Kindle. Could this be making a difference?

    • Priscilla says:

      Is there a Candy Crush update in the Kindle app store?

      If not, check if your son’s Candy Crush is connected to Facebook. If it is, you can try to delete and re-install Candy Crush. He won’t lose any of his game progress by doing so.

      If neither of these works for him, that may be because Dreamworld is not available/compatible on the first-gen Kindle devices.

      Hope that helps.

  • Marty says:

    I have gotten to the first train in Dreamworld. This is what the message says :
    Complete Another Episode in the Saga To Unlock The Next Dream Adventure. I have done everything I know to do – I’ve kept playing the regular candy crush for many levels – then I go back and try to get into dreamworld again and continue to get that message. Being bored with Candy Crush saga I just have been replaying old levels of Dreamworld. What can you suggest ?

    • Priscilla says:

      What level are you currently stuck at, in the actual Candy Crush game?

      Try and play another 30 levels in the actual Candy Crush game (Not Dreamworld) and you should be able to unlock the next Dreamworld saga.

      • After reading your forum,it appears that I have to complete more levels of Candy Crush in order
        to proceed in Dream World. I am currently on Level 181 in CC and I just won Level 170 in Dream
        World but I’m receiving the following msg – “Complete another episode in the Saga to unlock your next dream adventure”. According to this forum it says I have to go back to CC and complete 15-30 MORE levels in CC to proceed in DW? Is that correct? If so, that’s insane! I don’t want to play CC. I want to play DW. Isn’t there another way to proceed?

        • Priscilla says:

          Unfortunately, from my own experiences of the game, the only way to progress in DW is to pass more CC levels.

          If I do hear of anything else, I’ll let you know though.

  • Mags says:

    I’m at level 50 in Dreamworld and cannot get past it. I receive the message “Complete another episode in the saga to unlock your next dream adventure” – what does that mean?! I’ve completed all the levels in Dreamworld to get to this level, so what does it want me to do?

    • Priscilla says:

      What level are you at, in the actual Candy Crush Game? (The non-Dreamworld mode). This message means that you have to go back to the actual Candy Crush game and complete another 15 to 30 levels before you can play Dreamworld again. Hope that helps.

  • Kim says:

    I only get the owl on my android phone not on my iPad??? Why is that?

  • April says:

    Im stuck on level 65 and will not let me proceed it says Next dream is locked. complete another episode in the saga to unlock your next dream adventure. HELP PLEASE

    • Priscilla says:

      I think you need to play more levels in the main Candy Crush Saga game. What level are you up to now? Try to play another 15 levels and return to Dreamworld after that. You should then progress beyond Level 65.

  • Heather says:

    I have been playing Dreamworld on my laptop. I’ve complete Level 65 but it now says my next dream is locked and I have to complete another episode in the Saga to unlock your next dream adventure. What does that mean and how do I do that?

    • Priscilla says:

      What level of the main Candy Crush Saga game are you at now?

      Complete the next 15 levels in the main Candy Crush Saga game and you should be able to unlock the new Dreamworld levels.

  • D says:

    I’m stuck on level 70 on candy crush. ?…why

  • Priscilla says:

    If you don’t have any trouble playing Dreamworld, then I think that should be fine.

    But if you really want to know why this is happening… perhaps you can check this with’s Customer Support desk?

  • Brooke says:

    Yeah I am bit it doesn’t go away but I don’t know why

  • Brooke says:

    On mine Odis has three dots in a dream bubble.. What does that mean!

    • Priscilla says:

      Does anyone else know why?

      Brooke, what happens when you click on Odus? Are you able to play without any problems?

  • Carol Erickson says:

    On dream world I am locked on 65 but others aren’t why?

    • Priscilla says:

      Have you completed Level 65?

      If you have, this means that you have finished playing Candy Crush Dreamworld. You will be stuck there until King expands the game, because there are no more levels to progress to.

      • Ann says:

        I can play past level 65 in dreamworld on my laptop, but won’t let me on Ipad or Iphone. Says coming soon. Anyone know why?

        • Priscilla says:

          Because the iPad/iPhone app has not been updated for more levels yet. You need to ask King when they will update the smartphone app version. Level 65 is the maximum level on the mobile version but the Facebook version has more levels.

          • Rory says:

            I can’t progress past level 65 (dreamworld) on my laptop. Do you know why this is happening? Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

          • Priscilla says:

            What level of the main Candy Crush game are you at? Perhaps completing another episode will let you play more Dreamworld levels.

  • J K says:

    You need to make sure Cellular Data is enabled for Candy Crush. Then you will see Odus 🙂

  • Caroline Weeks says:

    When will there be updates? Cant go any further…been like this for almost a month 🙁

  • tanya says:

    I exit out of candy crush dreamworld and then later on want to go back and for some reason the odus wont be sitting in corner.i just went in and over and over til it finally appeared again

  • Aelanor says:

    That worked – thanks so much for the suggestion 🙂

  • Aelanor says:

    I have dreamworld, but my husband does not. We both play on our cell phones. He has never seen Odus the owl, he’s not anywhere to be found. I have checked in the play store, and there is no update for Candy Crush.
    Not only that, but he does not have the spinning wheel either, which sucks, because it’s really nice to get that freebie every day. Any suggestions?

    • Priscilla says:

      Are you able to check what version your husband’s Candy Crush game is on?

      Also, does he have an Internet connection when he’s playing Candy Crush? I’ve seen that you may have to be online in Candy Crush with an Internet connection, to unlock Dreamworld. Maybe the spinning wheel is the same too.

      Hope that helps.

      • Aelanor says:

        Great point – he is using version and I’m on 1.22.1

        Since he’s not getting an update, can he uninstall and re-install without losing his progress?

        • Priscilla says:

          That’s probably why then.

          Is your husband’s Candy Crush progress connected to his Facebook account? If it is, then his game progress will be stored on Facebook. And he can then delete and re-install Candy Crush at any time without losing his game progress.

          But if he is playing without a Facebook connection, then his game progress will be stored in his mobile device, and so if he deletes the game, he will lose everything.

          Hope that helps.

        • Aarthi says:

          It helps if the download is done from Google Play n not the Amazon Appstore. Appstore doesn’t seem to have the most recent version.

    • Carly says:

      I’ve been told you need to hook up to facebook to have dreamland and the wheel

      • Priscilla says:

        U need an internet connection. Not too sure about Facebook connection though; my Candy Crush is always connected to my Facebook. Maybe others can confirm?

  • Louise says:

    Thanks for your response. I shut my ipad down and the next time I went to play
    Odus was not to be found. I have scrolled all over but he he nowhere.

    • Priscilla says:

      Where on your game board have you been searching for Odus?

      If you’re on an iPad, Odus should be at the top right corner of your home screen. (see image URL below). That’s the one with the candy world map and all the levels that you’ve completed and yet to play.

      The image above of Odus was taken in Dreamworld mode, but in the “reality” i.e. non Dreamworld mode, he’ll be sitting at the same position…

  • Louise says:

    Odus as disappeared and I cannot get him back. Any idea what to do?

    • Priscilla says:

      How did Odus disappear? What did you do before he disappeared? Is there a small Odus icon in the left or right corner of your game board?

  • Roland says:

    Some of my friends have passed level 50 and had dreamworld but when they logged back into the game they no longer had dreamworld. What happened to it?

    • Priscilla says:

      Do you see Odus the Owl in a purple circle on the game home screen? Click him and Dreamworld should come back. Hope that helps!

  • crystal says:

    Update your game

  • Theresa says:

    I can’t get dreamworld on my candy crush can you help me? I am on level 187 so that means I have passed 50. Help me please.

    • Priscilla says:

      Hmm, strange… Dreamworld should be available to you, unless King is rolling it out to players in batches… Do you see a purple owl inside a purple coloured circle on your Candy Crush game? Click on the owl to enter Dreamworld. If you’re playing on Facebook, you should see the owl on the left hand side of your screen when you open up Candy Crush. If it’s on a mobile device, the owl should be on the right hand side of your game screen.

    • Michael Kusch says:

      You need to update the game for dreamworld to become available.

      • Judi Granick says:

        Please update to unlock Level 65 of Candy Crush Odus. Will have to give this up after 3 months of trying. Scored over 500,000 Pts.!

    • Priscilla says:

      Anyway Theresa, congrats on passing the hard level 181. It’ll be great if you could share your experience on how you successfully got through this level. Please do so on: 😉

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