How to Beat Candy Crush Saga Hard Level 208

In Level 208 of the Candy Crush Saga, you need to not only make 10 striped candies and four colour bombs, but you must also get 15,000 points in 40 moves. This is not an easy task because you have to match five candies of the same colour to form a colour bomb. As well, you have to contend with six different colours – so making colour bombs is quite tough.

Level 208 is not impossible to beat in Candy Crush Saga.

evel 208 is not impossible to beat in Candy Crush Saga

At the same time, the layout of the board is quite tricky because it is not a perfect square and there is a gap at the top, so this may destroy your chances of making a colour bomb in this section of the game board.

But Level 208 is not impossible to beat – if you know the right strategy.

Focus on making colour bombs

This should be your sole objective for this level. So try and concentrate fully on making colour bombs. Do not let anything else, not even striped or wrapped candies distract you.

Try and use a bit of strategy in making the colour bombs. For example, you may want to scan the board carefully for opportunities to do so – to increase your chances of success at this level.

As well, you will probably have already noticed the free colour bomb wrapped in marmalade at the top of the game board, but this is only one colour bomb. You will still have to create three more on your own. So do not be lulled into a false sense of security and spend too much effort trying to unlock it. If you can claim this colour bomb, it is a bonus, but your focus really should be on trying to make your own ones.

Focus on the Bottom of the Board

Try and look to the bottom section of the board to create your striped candies, rather than the top, because you have a greater chance of forming colour bombs there, due to the fact that this section of the board is more broad, compared to the top one. Of course, if you are lucky enough to see an opportunity to create a colour bomb at the top, you should seize it. But do not concentrate on this area of the board though.

Collect Striped Candies

Do not concentrate too much on the striped candies. Of course you are supposed to collect ten of these at this level, but there’s a trick here. If you combine a colour bomb with a striped candy, you will be able to clear this level quite easily.

Every single candy bearing the same colour as the striped candy (that is being matched with the colour bomb) will turn into striped candies, and will detonate simultaneously. So try and make use of this to your full advantage to clear Level 208.

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  • Lynda says:

    Well this was awesome advice… second try doing what was suggested here and I finally cleared this stupid level! I much prefer the written down tips rather than the videos which are only helpful if you get that exact layout.

  • Langelus says:

    Well, interestingly they totally changed the level.

    The picture at the top is the old level.
    There was 1 row less at the bottom, and you needed to get 2 combo, 1 with stripe, 1 with sweet, all of this with 6 colors..

    I passed it after 3 weeks and I considered this level (original) to be the hardest along with 165 and the almighty 410 (which I just passed today on it’s newer configuration. the old one was simply impossible)

    Don’t know about the new 208 now. It seems hard also, to get 4 biscuits in 40 moves, but 1 extra row at bottom could make a huge difference !

  • Joe says:

    Playing this level for a week, not my longest at one level by far. Know it’s mostly luck, them falling into place. Usually when I get frustrated I go to read the tips. Not that they can tell you a whole lot, just gets my focus back. Went right back to game and bang! Had all fiour within 12 moves. Made 3 and the middle dropped. Just luck. Keep trying.

  • sandra says:

    This level is impossible to win if the candy does’nt fall in place. Having a hard time making bombs, Tired of playing this level over and over again,

    • Priscilla says:

      It’s not impossible; just persevere and you WILL beat the level. Many have tried, thought they would never pass – and they did pass one day. You can do it, I just know it!

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