How To Beat Level 425: Tips From A Player, Jasmine Jay

Level 425 is one of the toughest levels in Candy Crush Saga, because the meringues and bombs pose a major obstacle to collecting the 230 blue candies + five wrapped/striped candy combinations.

Candy Crush Saga, Level 425.

Candy Crush Saga, Level 425

But Candy Crush player Jasmine Jay, 24, managed to beat Level 425, without using any boosters. Here are some tips from Jasmine, who is a student from Virginia, USA – on how to beat this level.

Jasmine, how should a player begin playing Level 425?

The best place to start on the board is near the double-layered meringues. The more meringues you clear, the best chance you have of knocking out the bombs.

My advice is to knock out the first set of bombs before trying to create the necessary combos. When these bombs are all gone from the screen, focus your efforts on clearing meringues. Doing so will increase the amount of space that you will have available – to create special candies.

What are some tips that you can give readers for Level 425?

When starting the game, I suggest that the player get rid of the first set of bombs before trying to create the necessary combos. When the first set of bombs are eliminated, then it will be easier to the clear the board to create special candies.

Once some of the double-layered meringues are cleared, you can focus on collecting the wrapped/stripped candies, which is the hardest part to completing the level. This should be your only focus throughout the game. Once you have cleared the first set of bombs, you should focus on creating combos – because the bombs and blue candies will be taken care of by doing so.

Also, any time you have an opportunity to create colour bombs, make sure you do so. This will help you to clear the required blue candies. At the same time, it will give you a higher chance of making wrapped and striped combinations, because you’ll then have one less colour to complicate matters on the screen.

Clearing the board is one of the easiest tasks because it consists of mostly double-layered meringues and the five-layered meringues can be easily cleared with special candies. But even after the board is cleared though, you still have to always make sure that there are no bombs that will be blown up within the next couple of moves.

What is the most important thing that players should do, to pass this level?

Most players believe that the most important thing to do, is to get rid of the bombs as soon as they come, but the main focus of this level should be to clear the double layered meringues from the board. This will give you more room to make the wrapped/stripped combos. There are only four colours on the board so making the special candies won’t be that difficult – the key is getting the special candies in the same area.

Obviously, the wrapped candies are the most difficult to make, so anytime you create a wrapped candy, always try to make a strip candy close by, too. I played this level about 60 times but I had only cleared the board of the meringue a couple of times. Getting rid of the meringues made it easier for me to complete the level because then I had more space available to me, to create combinations.

Why is Level 425 so difficult to many players?

This is because there are so many obstacles in your way to collect the order. You have the five-layered meringues, the tornadoes, and the bombs set at 10.

Collecting so many blue candies + wrapped/striped combos is difficult. In fact, the wrapped/stripped combo is one of the most difficult orders in candy crush. The biggest challenge in this level is collecting the five wrapped + stripped combos while making sure the bombs don’t explode.

The good thing is that there are only four colours on the board, so creating special candies is easier, but as I said, there are so many obstacles in the way of clearing the board. So it is difficult for most players to get into a good position to pass.

What are some of the most common mistakes at this level?

The most common mistake to completing this level is focusing on getting rid of the bombs with every move.

When I first played this level, my main focus was getting rid of the bombs. After I got rid of the first set of bombs, I worked on getting rid of the next set. But the bombs should be the least of your worries. Once you get rid of the first set of bombs, you should work on creating special candies required – and clearing the meringues.

Another common mistake is trying to immediately create the special combos. More than likely, the first set of bombs will explode before you can make one combo. So I suggest that you clear the first set of bombs and some meringues before you begin creating the combos.

Also, don’t even pay attention to the wrapped candy surrounded by the five-layered meringues at the bottom. Eventually the five-layered meringues will be cleared and the wrapped candy will more than likely be destroyed by a tornado.

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  • Leesa says:

    this was supposed to be a fun game. 9 months trying 3-4 hrs a day. DONE

  • Mary George says:

    I’m about to quit playing Candy Crush myself. Level 425 is impossible to beat. I’ve been working on it for over a week and am getting no where.

  • grammy marie says:

    I am about to quit playing candy crush. This level seems impossible.

  • wendy says:

    Thank u Jasmine with your tips I got it first time I tried! 🙂

  • Pat says:

    I am about to delete this game,!! Level 425 is impossible to beat. The tornadoes are the most hindrance.

  • rick says:

    This level is crap even if you try to set up combos everything explodes for no reason this is kings wag oof trying to make you buy boosters o amount of boosters will win this level i officially quit this game o lo very fun at all

  • Aileen says:

    This is the most impossible and irritating level and the first time since playing the game that I have absolutely no idea how I will ever pass this level even purchasing hammers etc so I really will miss candy crush. Also there are sites on the internet claiming that it is possible to skip a difficult level in candy crush by downloading another app all free of charge. Does anyone done this!

    • Priscilla says:

      Hmm, I’ve never heard of skipping levels. Think it’s best not to trust those sites to be honest. May be viruses, etc.

      BTW, the free booster wheel may help you to get free hammers, etc. Have you got it in your game? If not, update your game and you will 🙂

  • Melissa says:

    When a game is no longer fun, it’s no longer a game; needs to understand this before users start turning away in droves. I played hundreds of screens of level 421 out of sheer determination…..and when that battle was over, both myself AND emerged from the fray a little bit broken – but ultimately I won. The game….and my sanity! As enjoyable as I might have found the game in the past, the changes they’ve made have sucked the fun right out of it and I’ve decided it will no longer be my go-to when I’m bored or just need a few minutes to zone out.

    Will there be games equally as addictive? It’s a certainty. Will I allow myself to let turn me into a candy-crushing slave? Never again.

  • super chicken says:

    i have beaten other levels i thought were difficult. this one might just take a little more time is all

  • richa says:

    This level is crap. No fun any more. Tried it…..several times.I am deleting the game.Waste of time … moving to another hame..Thanks..

  • Oz says:

    Why does she keep saying “there are only four colours on the board”? The snapshot in the article show 5 colors:
    – Red
    – Green
    – Blue
    – Yellow
    – Orange

    Was that another move by King to make this level harder?? I heard they’ve increased the number of blues in the order to 230 from 200 with an update. Were there only 4 colors in the older version(s)?

    • Jasmine Jay says:

      Hey Oz,
      I might have made a mistake about the colors, I know did complete this level before the update because I remember only collecting 200 blues. I usually review two levels at once so I might have mixed it up, I’m sorry if I did.


  • Rob says:

    This level is crap. Not even fun any more. Tried it…..several times. We all are deleting the game. Waist of time anymore. Going back to Angry Birds. Thanks but No thanks.

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