Tips To Beat Candy Crush Saga Level 734

Candy Crush Saga Level 734 is an insanely hard level, according to many players, and beating this level successfully boils largely down to luck.

In summary, the objective of this level is to bring down one cherry and get 10,000 points within 20 moves.

Photo: Candy Crush Saga Wiki.

Photo: Candy Crush Saga Wiki.

Why is this level so hard?

The main reasons why this level is so difficult, is because you have to collect all the keys in order to bring down the cherry, within only 20 moves. As well, unlike other levels, a shuffle of the board is unlikely to be of help, because it may destroy your best hope of collecting the keys – which is to unlock a striped candy, trapped under liquorice. However, due to the shuffling of the board, the position of the striped candy may change, if it is no longer trapped under the liquorice layer.

Moreover, the board comprises of six candies, and this makes it exceptionally hard to create special candies to help your cause. Depending on your luck too, the conveyor board element may either help you or cause more problems, in your bid to make special candies.

How to beat this level

One strategy to beat this level is to use boosters. By spinning the booster wheel on a daily basis, you should be able to collect free boosters. Save them up to help you at this level.

Use the colour bomb on a candy bearing the same colour as the striped candy, to free it from the liquorice. Then after that, use the coconut wheel to activate the above striped candy to collect the keys. Once this is done, you may use the hammer or switch hand booster to get the cherry to the bottom of the board.

If you prefer not to use the boosters though, you must have two vertical striped candies, two wrapped candy + striped candy combinations and two wrapped candy + wrapped candy combinations  – in order to collect the keys and get the cherry down to the bottom of the board, in order to beat this insanely difficult level.

Be prepared though, to use up about 15 moves in order to claim the keys and unlock the treasure chests – before you can get the cherry ingredient down to the bottom of the board.

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    Hmmmmm. Stare at the board and do things like work with the coveyer belt watch it and try to align the striped candy with the one in the middle. Shoot the keys with wrappers and striped candy. How many keys?

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