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Lacey is running in the Craze Ultra – and it’s in the middle of the Hungry Ghost Festival. She’s all alone and lost, and it’s way after dark. She sees a pair of creepy glowing red eyes that look inhuman. What do they want from her? Click here to find out.


MH370 In Another Dimension

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared in March 2014. Today, it is still missing and there is no trace of where the plane could have gone. Here is a fictional story of MH370 disappearing into another dimension. What happens to the plane? Do the passengers return safely home? Click here to read more.


Candy Crushed

Candy Lee is totally addicted to the popular smartphone and Facebook game, Candy Crush Saga. But when she gets caught playing it at work, something sinister happens… Click here to find out more.


Hazy in Singapore… Or not?

The haze in Singapore tonight is much thicker than usual – and smells strange too. Is it really just haze? Or is something more sinister in the works?

This story capitalises on the haze in Singapore and uses it to mark the beginning of a zombie apocalypse. Admit it, the setting is just perfect… isn’t it? Hazy skies, unable to see anything around you…

Click here to read more.


A Jedi’s Revenge

A fantastic and engaging crossover fanfic that combines elements from Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. Click here to read more.

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