Best Fish and Chips in Auckland, NZ

The Oceanz Seafood Market is a small café cum takeaway outlet, located at the Auckland Fish Market. They are touted by many as having one of the best fish and chips in Auckland. And the café prides themselves on their fresh seafood and good quality service.

Alfresco dining at Oceanz Seafood restaurant.

Alfresco dining at Oceanz Seafood restaurant

Intrigued by the reputation of this small eatery, I decided to check out their fish and chips to see if they are worth the hype.

The Ambience and Menu

This is a small outdoor eatery with an al-fresco dining concept. It would be popular in the summer time when it is warmer. However, on the rather chilly, windy evening when we visited the eatery, it was still very popular.

You choose the type of fish that you want, and then select add-ons such as chips, sweet potato chips, sausages and scallops. Of course, all of these are deep-fried in their signature crispy, light batter.

My companions and I selected a mixture of their add-ons, including the sausages, white bait fritters and sweet potato chips.


Deliciously battered fried fish!

Deliciously battered fried fish!

I chose the Hoki fish, which is one of the classic types of fish that is used for fish and chips in NZ.

When I took a bite of the fish, it was definitely one of the better versions that I have tried. The batter was really light and crunchy. At the same time, the fish inside was juicy, moist and piping hot. I really enjoyed eating it.

My other eating companions raved on about their blue cod fish, though.


Kiwi style sausages.

Kiwi style sausages.

These were pork sausages with a crunchy skin and the taste was absolutely divine. In fact, they were so good that I could not stop eating my share – until they were completely finished.

White Bait Fritters

White bait fritters.

White bait fritters.

This is a very New Zealand style dish, and comprises of white bait (similar to silverfish) cooked in an omelette form.

I thought the dish was really delicious. However, I wished that there could have been more white bait – I could practically count about ten of these tiny fish inside the omelette. As a result, I was hardly able to taste the fish and I felt that I was eating plain eggs instead.

But then again, white bait does not come cheap, and the price of this dish would have shot up tremendously if more fish had been used – white bait is more than NZ$120 per kilo.


Deliciously hot chips

Deliciously hot chips

These were the hand-cut type of chips, which means that they are larger in size compared to the fast food style of French fries.

The chips were really crunchy on the outside and soft and hot on the inside and there is more to chew, because the chips were quite big. So you get a lot more of these delicious morsels to savour in your mouth.

 Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet potato chips

Sweet potato chips

These were sweet potatoes cut up and cooked like French fries.

When I took a bite, I was slightly disappointed though. Compared to the potato fries, they were sweeter but not as crunchy. So this did not sit so well with me.

Overall Comments

As a whole, I have to say that these were definitely amongst the best fish and chips that I have eaten and I would definitely come back if the fish and chips craving strikes me again – when I’m in Auckland.

OCEANZ Seafood Market.

Cnr Jellicoe & Daldy St?(Next to the main car park at Auckland Fish Market)
Hours:? Monday – Thursday 10.00am – 6.00pm
Friday – Sunday 9.00am – 6.30pm
Ph: 09 303 3416

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