Bluestone Steakhouse: Best Steak House in Hamilton, New Zealand

A premiere steakhouse located in Hamilton, which is about one and a half hour’s drive from Auckland, New Zealand, this eatery serves high quality cuisine. This includes their famous 520g prime rib-eye on the bone, which is aged for 28 days and then slowly cooked for a further 18 hours. I had the chance recently to try the food at one of Hamilton’s best steak houses.

Bluestone Steakhouse in Hamilton, NZ.

Bluestone Steakhouse in Hamilton, NZ

A Wide Range of Food

There’s a wide range of steaks, as well as some fish and vegetarian dishes – for those who are not steak fans. The menu includes scotch fillet, sirloin steak and venison, as well as salmon steak and market fish of the day. I ordered a salmon steak with chips and mushroom sauce. One of my eating companions also had the salmon steak, but with vegetables and green peppercorn sauce. My other companion had a sirloin steak with mushroom sauce and baked potatoes.

Salmon with Chips and Mushroom Sauce

Salmon WIth Chips and Mushroom Sauce.

Salmon WIth Chips and Mushroom Sauce.

When this dish first came out, the salmon was a little undercooked for my liking, so I returned it and the fish came back cooked to perfection. The salmon was really mouth-watering and absolutely scrumptious. The meat was moist and juicy and at the same time, the skin was really crunchy. The mushroom went well with the salmon. There were about four or five huge pieces of mushrooms inside the sauce too – so that was rather good. I also loved the chips – actually large potato wedges. They were still really delicious and full of flavour and great for munching. The salmon steak cost NZ$34.

Salmon with Vegetables

Salmon With Vegetables

Salmon With Vegetables

My eating companion loved the salmon – it was moist and juicy and the skin outside was crunchy as well. She enjoyed her mixed vegetables – carrots, cucumber and broccoli and remarked that they were crunchy and tasted really great.

350g Sirloin Steak on the bone with Mushroom Sauce and Baked Potatoes

Sirloin Steak.

Sirloin Steak

My other companion enjoyed the sirloin steak and even remarked that it was one of the better steaks that he had eaten. He had ordered the fillet to be medium rare and it was served to his exact specifications. He also loved the mushroom sauce and said that it was full of flavour. He thought the baked potatoes were wonderful too.

The sirloin steak cost NZ$38 per serving.

The Service

I must say that I had quite a pleasant experience in terms of the service at this eatery. The moment we stepped in through the doors, a very friendly waiter greeted us and said that he would be our waiter for the evening. As well, when my eating companion and I both returned the salmon steak as they were slightly undercooked, the waiter sounded very apologetic for serving the fish undercooked – I thought this was very good customer service.

Overall Impressions

I would definitely return to visit this eatery again if I happen to be around the area. Both the food and the service are great. This makes it certainly worth the price that you are paying for your meal.

Bluestone Steakhouse
186 Victoria Street,
New Zealand 
Tel: 07-839 5152

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