Best Ugly Bagels in Auckland, New Zealand

This small takeaway bagel shop in the heart of Auckland city is reputed to have the best bagels in New Zealand. Many people have commented on how crispy and light their bagels are – especially when they have come straight out of the oven.

Best Ugly Bagels is a small takeaway shop in Auckland.

Best Ugly Bagels is a small takeaway shop in Auckland

Intrigued by the sound of freshly toasted bagels that aren’t chewy and doughy, I decided to check out Best Ugly Bagels.

The Ambience

When I first stepped into this tiny shop cum eatery, greeting me was a delicious bagel smell. Bagels were freshly baked in the eatery’s open concept kitchen.

Bagels and more bagels.

Bagels and more bagels.

Despite the small space, the place was really packed and full of people eager to buy and eat their yummy bagels for their Sunday weekend brunch.

The Menu

There are only a few bagel options on their menu. Each bagel starts from NZ$3.50 and varies in price depending on the flavour that you choose. These ranges from your standard breakfast toppings like peanut butter and jam to cream cheese, hazelnut to others that are more suited for lunch, such as tomato, avocado and pastrami. The savoury ones range from NZ$8.00 to NZ$12.00 each.

As we were not feeling too hungry, my companion ordered the plain bagel with Whitestone butter at NZ$3.50 and I had a peanut butter bagel without jam at NZ$4.50.

Peanut Butter Bagel

Peanut butter bagel.

Peanut butter bagel.

The bagel is cut in half and served on a small paper plate. Despite the name though, these bagels aren’t really ugly. They actually look just like normal bagels.

But when I bit into one, it was absolutely delicious and easily the best bagel that I have tried. Unlike most other bagels, these ones really are light and crunchy. Best of all, they are served piping hot as well. There are also sesame seeds coating the surface of the bagel and these really help to enhance the flavour greatly.

The peanut butter is also really yummy. Pics chunky peanut butter is used and I love the generous chunks of peanut in this. When the peanut butter is combined with the bagel, the taste is absolutely divine and I would definitely come back here for a bagel again, if I get the chance.

Plain Bagel with Whitestone Butter

Butter bagel.

Butter bagel

This is a simple bagel that is served with melted butter coating the surface of the bagel.

But according to my companion, it tasted just as good as mine. The bagel was just as light and crunchy and the sesame seeds were also absolutely yummy.

The melted butter also gave the bagel a deliciously moist texture that my companion absolutely loved too – and as a result, gobbled up the bagel with complete relish.

The Service

I have to remark that the service was really fast so that is really efficient and friendly on the eatery’s part. Despite the large crowds too,

we got our bagels within minutes – served piping hot and also smelling absolutely divine.

Overall Comments

These bagels are definitely worth the price. You get great hot bagels and good service. If you happen to be hanging around the Auckland CBD, then do check out these lovely bagels.

Best Ugly Bagels

City works depot
Cnr Wellesley & Nelson St
Auckland, NZ
Phone: 09 366 3926

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