Best International Buffet Dinner @ The Greenhouse, Ritz Carlton Hotel

The Greenhouse at the Ritz Carlton is highly touted as one of Singapore’s top buffet restaurants. They have a mixture of Asian and Western dishes and their speciality is the much-touted chilli or peppered crabs and their other seafood items – namely the scallops, lobsters, oysters and sashimi, which are all rotated on a regular basis.


The Greenhouse at the Ritz Carlton

I recently had the chance to try the buffet dinner at the Greenhouse restaurant as a birthday treat. Read on, to find out more about the food there.

Cold Seafood

Escargots (Snails)

Escargots (Snails)

There was a wide range of seafood items available, including escargots, prawns and clams. The prawns were quite tasty, but I did not take to the escargots very well as the flavour was a little strong for my liking. Some of the larger ones were also a little tough. The prawns and clams were tender though but I was disappointed that there were no lobsters or scallops.

Japanese Food

Japanese sushi.


Assorted sushi and sashimi items, cold soba noodles and sashimi were available too. I am not a fan of sashimi or cold noodles, so I didn’t try any of these. The egg omelette sushi was

delicious, though.

The chawanmushi (Japanese steamed egg custard) and the miso soup were tasty too. I had both and I really enjoyed them. They were not only piping hot, but also very appetising.

Hot Food

Deep fried fish.

Deep fried fish.

The hot food seemed to focus mainly on Asian-style dishes. These included deep-fried fish with Thai chillis and pork belly with mustard sauce, salmon with saffron cream and chilli crabs and pan-fried kai lan with carrots.

However, Western dishes such as seafood pasta were available too.

My favourite dish here was probably the fish, as it was really delicious and well cooked.

Meat and Seafood

Chilli Crab

Chilli Crab

The chilli crab was just nice and went well with the sauce. The fried prawns cooked in Har Lok style, with its delicious sauce, was also good.

But the pork belly with the mustard sauce was a bit tough. The salmon with the saffron sauce was also a bit dry and coarse and was not my favourite dish.


The simple dish of Asian pan-fried kai lan was excellent – crunchy and full of taste.


Seafood pasta.

Seafood pasta.

The pasta was pretty average, but at least the taste of the spaghetti was not too salty. But there could have been more flavour in the tomato-based seafood sauce.

Roasted Items

Roast pork belly.

Roast pork belly.

There were a few types of roast meat, including chicken, duck, beef and pork. I tried some of the chicken and duck – which were really nice. The pork had beautiful crispy skin, while the beef was soft and moist and best of all, hot.

There were also roasted potatoes here, which I tried and found quite yummy too. The potatoes were crunchy on the outside and soft and moist inside.


Indian briyani rice.

Indian briyani rice.

There was a section of Indian food too, which comprised of pappadums, Briyani rice and naan bread, curry lamb and butter chicken. There were also vegetables like zucchinis, tomatoes and vegetable korma.

The food in this section was quite tasty and the meat here was juicy and tender. The vegetable dishes were also cooked perfectly. I particularly loved the pappadums, because these were really delicious and crunchy.

Bread Slices and Rolls

Assorted bread.

Assorted bread.

There were plenty of bread rolls and sliced bread here and ranged from white bread and brioche rolls to the grainy wholemeal version. I tried a couple of rolls – a cheese topped one and the herb-infused bread and these seemed to be freshly baked.

Sweet bread rolls such as chocolate croissants and Danish pastries could have added more variety to the buffet, but were not available.

Cheese and Nuts

Assorted cheese.

Assorted cheese.

The selection of cheese was rather generous and there was a mixture of both soft and hard types. Crackers and nuts were also available to eat with the cheese.

I tried the nuts though (almonds and macadamias) and these were absolutely divine. The nuts were really crunchy and I couldn’t stop myself from eating them.


This was possibly my favourite section. I must say the dessert table looked really pretty in terms of decoration and layout. There was a wide range available, ranging from assorted kueh and chocolate macarons to cakes. There was ice cream too and chocolate soufflés.

Chocolate soufflé 

I really enjoyed the chocolate soufflé because the cake was really moist and hot when I ate it. I may have had to wait 20 minutes after ordering one, but it was definitely well worth it.

Chocolate pralines and macarons

Assorted chocolates.

Assorted chocolates

I also thought the assorted chocolate pralines were tasty. The one comprising of dark chocolate with nuts inside was particularly good.


Huge macaron

The huge macarons were also yummy and I enjoyed the bittersweet chocolate hit from them, but I did wish the raspberry flavour inside was not so strong as it spoiled the otherwise delicious flavour a little.

Assorted Cakes

Chestnut cake

Chestnut cake

The chestnut cake was quite yummy and I also enjoyed another one that seemed to comprise layers of chocolate and caramel. However I was quite disappointed that the tiramisu finished before I was able to get my hands on some.

Ice Cream

Ice cream

Ice cream

I loved the ice cream though. There were many flavours available, including mango, rum & raisin and vanilla. I tried the chocolate and vanilla ones.

The ice cream was cool and refreshing and went well with the chocolate chips and peanut M&Ms that I had put in it.

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

As it was my birthday, we requested for a small piece of birthday cake and when it came, it consisted of chocolate squares with a huge Happy Birthday sign plus a candle.

It reminded me of a chocolate hazelnut praline cake, with a layer of cheese on the top. The flavours melted together very well and I particularly loved the crunchy bits of hazelnut inside.

Overall Comments

As a whole, I must say that I enjoyed this buffet, particularly the desserts, at the Greenhouse, Ritz Carlton. It is a buffet that I would definitely return to, again.

The buffet costs $68++ per person.

The Greenhouse @ the Ritz Carlton Hotel
#03-00, The Ritz-Carlton Millenia,
7 Raffles Avenue

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