Buy F&N NutriTea and Get A Free Tote Bag

This July, purchase three F&N NutriTea or F&N NutriSoy (1-litre packs) and you can redeem a free tote bag. There are four attractive designs to choose from – in pretty black, red, blue and green colours. These can be redeemed at any major supermarkets, hypermarkets and participating retail outlets, while stocks last.

Get a free tote bag when you buy F&N NutriTea.

Get a free tote bag when you buy 3 F&N NutriTea (1-litre packs)

Other benefits of NutriTea

At the same time, you can beat the Singapore heat and restore the natural yin-yang balance of your body with NutriTea, which is prepared from specially selected natural ingredients and herbs and does not contain any preservatives.

The four flavours of F&N NutriTea are as follows.

F&N NutriTea Barley

Barley is widely known for its cooling properties and provides the body with essential minerals like selenium, phosphorous, copper and manganese. The F&N NutriTea Barley is prepared with dried winter melons for sweetness and to enhance its cooling properties.

F&N NutriTea Chrysanthemum with Wolfberry

Chrysanthemum, due to its cooling properties, has been prescribed for many generations, as a relief for sore throat and fever. With its sweet, floral taste and refreshing aroma, it is great to cool you down during the Singapore heat.

The wolfberries also provide plenty of antioxidants and vitamins to fortify the body’s immune system.

F&N NutriTea Water Chestnut and Sugar Cane

Chinese herbalists believe that water chestnuts, which contain potassium, can help sweeten the breath and strengthen the lungs and stomach.

Sugar cane is also well loved for its taste. Moreover, it has health boosting proteins that aid natural metabolism too.

F&N NutriTea Lemongrass with Ginger

Lemongrass and ginger is the perfect combination to soothe the mind and rejuvenate the senses. Lemongrass is the perfect cooler on hot days and the gentle infusion of ginger aids in dispelling toxins from the body.

The gentle infusion of lemongrass and ginger soothes the mind and rejuvenates the senses. Lemongrass also cools the body down on hot days and ginger aids in dispelling toxins from the body.

F&N NutriTea is a healthy drink for everybody.

F&N NutriTea is a healthy drink for everybody.

Contains Less Sugar

Every drink of F&N NutriTea comes with the assured trust of quality from F&N. It is also healthy – with 25% less sugar per 1L packet compared to other similar drinks, and is certified as Healthier Choice product by Health Promotion Board.

Where to buy NutriTea

F&N NutriTea is available at all leading supermarkets and retail stores at a recommended selling price of SGD2.05 for a 1L pack, and a 475ml pack for SGD1.40.

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