Cadbury Glow is back to put a personal touch on your chocolate gifts

This Christmas, you can, once again, put a personal touch on your chocolate gifts to your loved ones – with Cadbury Glow.

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Personalise your chocolate gifts with customised messages and videos

Having made a successful debut last year, Cadbury Glow – a limited-edition chocolate offering by Mondel?z Singapore – will continue to inspire consumers to put a personal touch on their chocolate gifts with customised messages and videos – to reinforce the chocolatier’s belief in treasuring unique ‘Glow Moments’ with their loved ones.

Bring back sweet cherished memories with your loved ones

A high level of attention is put into a gift by Cadbury Glow. The luxurious praline chocolates are crafted in Europe and contains a scrumptious chocolatey filling that oozes sweetness and brings back cherished memories with your loved ones.

The Cadbury Glow box is made to look like a treasure chest and is rich gold and purple in colour, and lined with a golden hue that symbolises that special ‘Glow’ moment with your treasured ones. Regardless of whether you are searching for a sweet present for your best friend, a loving present for your wife or a token of appreciation to your parents, the Cadbury Glow symbolises the love and warmth to give to all those you care about.

Consumers believe in the positive impact of a well-chosen present

According to research done by Mondel?z International, consumers strongly believe in the positive impact of a well-chosen present and many people will go that extra mile to personalise a gift for their loved ones. So the aim of Cadbury Glow is simple – to bring back that joy of giving and receiving a well-selected gift.

Said Ben Summons, Associate Director of Marketing, South East Asia Chocolates, “Mondel?z International has consistently maintained high standards of innovation and deep market knowledge that reflect the evolving needs of consumers. We understand the desire to express thoughtfulness in gifting despite our hectic lives and Cadbury Glow was created to meet that need.”

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He continued, “We want our consumers to present a premium gift to their loved ones and that goes beyond the standard chocolate pralines. Cadbury Glow reflects their unique Glow Moments and this is that special shared experience that we hope to continue to deliver.”

Create your own Glow Moments

To create your message and private experience for the people close to you, you can visit the digital gift hub at – where you can pen a customised Glow message or create a personally curated video comprising of your best shared memories together.

Where to purchase Cadbury Glow

The Cadbury Glow chocolate gift sets are now available at major supermarkets and convenience stores across Singapore.

  • Cadbury Glow 240g for 24 pieces at S$14.90
  • Cadbury Glow 160g for 16 pieces at S$9.90

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