Food Review: Carlsberg infused Pork Ribs at the Thai Village Restaurant

You may have eaten pork ribs and also had Carlsberg beer during the same meal. But have you ever tasted these two items – cooked together in the same dish.

Carlsberg beer infused pork ribs are at the Thai Village Restaurant.

Carlsberg beer infused pork ribs are at the Thai Village Restaurant.

If you wish to try the pork ribs infused with Carlsberg beer – this dish is now available at the Thai Village restaurant – located at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. This dish (priced at $24 for a small serving) is now available at the eatery. Introduced after the Lunar New Year period, it marks the very first time that a food item has been named specifically after the Carlsberg brand in Singapore.

The chef is hard at work preparing the dish for us.

The chef is hard at work preparing the Carlsberg beer pork ribs dish for us.

How Carlsberg and the Thai Village Restaurant came up with the dish

How did Carlsberg and the Thai Village Restaurant initially come up with this innovative dish? Explained Andrew Low, Manager for Carlsberg Public Relations, “We wanted the Carlsberg infused pork ribs dish to be a representation of Carlsberg Singapore, yet still be reminiscent and holding true to Singapore’s cultural roots.”

Added Low, “At the same time, we wanted to keep to the festive spirit of the Lunar New Year. Therefore cooking the ever popular pork ribs with probably the best beer in the world is symbolic of the East-West fusion of Carlsberg in Singapore.”

Pork ribs were chosen for their versatility in a range of cuisines

He said that pork ribs in particular, had been chosen to feature in this particular dish, mainly because of the versatility of this meat item in both Asian and Western cuisine.

Explained Low, “This ranges from using pork ribs in the local favourite bak kut teh to the equally popular barbecue ribs. At the same time, this (the ribs) is also versatile in its ability to take in alcohol and bring out its sweet flavour profiles without becoming too overpowering, making it the perfect candidate for a Carlsberg beer infused dish.”

I wonder how many cans of Carlsberg beer go into each portion...

I wonder how many cans of Carlsberg beer go into each portion…

Members of the media were treated to the Carlsberg-infused pork ribs

As part of a festive media luncheon, members of the media were not only treated to a sampling of these interesting Carlsberg-infused pork ribs, but we also got a sneak preview of the chefs preparing this dish for us in the kitchen.

I admit that I was pretty impressed by the chefs’ skills, in the preparation of these ribs. After being marinated, they were first tenderly cooked with a specially prepared sauce then re-cooked with some more sauce and Carlsberg Green Label added in, until the sauce dried up.

And the pork ribs are now ready to eat.

And the pork ribs are now ready to eat.

The Carlsberg-flavoured pork ribs were delicious and succulent

I must say that I enjoyed the flavour of these pork ribs. The meat itself was really soft and succulent. When I first bit into these ribs, I could taste a slight hint of beer that complemented the flavour of the ribs very well, but at the same time, it was not overpowering.

Subsequently, after a few mouthfuls of these ribs, the beer flavour was quickly overtaken by the yummy taste of the pork. This is definitely a dish that will suit pork lovers from all walks of life, and the flavour of the Carlsberg beer was balanced out very well. As the taste of the beer is quite subtle, it will also suit those who are not fans of beer.

While this may have been the first, it will certainly not be the last time – where the iconic Carlsberg beer would be introduced to a food dish. Explained Low, “We are always open to collaborations and with food being an important part of Singaporeans, we definitely do hope to continue looking into creating more exclusive, premium and great tasting Carlsberg beer infused dishes in future.”

Other tasty dishes were available at the luncheon

Besides the Carlsberg beer infused pork ribs, there were also nine other dishes prepared for us at the Thai Village Restaurant. These had included shark’s fin soup, seafood fried rice, a generous serving of poached live prawns, as well as braised tofu with dried scallops. As a sweet dessert to end the meal with, we were served a refreshing dish of sea coconut with longan.

Shark's Fin Soup.

Shark’s Fin Soup.

Poached Live Prawns.

Poached Live Prawns.

Seafood Fried Rice.

Seafood Fried Rice.

Braised Vegetables with Scallop.

Braised Vegetables with Scallop.

Thank you Carlsberg Singapore, for the opportunity to taste the Carlsberg-infused pork ribs. 

If you wish to cook this dish, you can see the recipe here.

Thai Village Restaurant

The Singapore Indoor Stadium

5 Stadium Walk, 

Singapore 397693

(Nearest MRT station: Stadium MRT)

Telephone: 6440 2292


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