Coconut Water and its health benefits 

With its ease of availability in supermarkets and convenience stores, coconut water is fast becoming a go-to beverage of choice these days.

For me, my first experience with coconut water though, had been a couple of years ago, when a friend had offered it to me after a run. Since then, I have come across it, from time to time, and had it whenever it was made available to me during running.

Coconut Water is easily available nowadays. [Image courtesy of UFC]

Coconut Water is easily available nowadays.
[Image courtesy of UFC]

Refreshing taste and health benefits

But why is coconut water becoming so popular these days? Said Francis Foo, 59, President & Managing Director of Universal Food Public Co. Ltd, which produces coconut water, “the main reasons are its naturally refreshing taste, the many health benefits and that 100 per cent coconut water is as pure and natural as one can get for a drink.”

He added, “Social media helps to spread news of the benefits faster around the world, plus, some follow celebrity trends, especially from the United States and coconut water is very popular in Hollywood.”

Foo feels that compared to other juices such as sweet fruit beverages and isotonic drinks, coconut water is healthier in more ways than one. He says, “The calorie count in 100 per cent coconut water is less than in pure fruit juices – this is important to those who count calories. It also tends towards being alkaline and so it is less irritating to the digestive system. Coconut water is water in the natural form, and is least tampered by any food process.”

Coconut Water is a natural drink, coming from coconuts.

Coconut Water is a natural drink, coming from coconuts.

Excellent for re-hydration after working out

At the same time, coconut water is excellent for re-hydration purposes, according to Foo. He explained “Pure coconut water is a great natural re-hydration drink as it contains essential electrolytes like potassium, calcium and phosphorous. And because it contains only naturally occurring sugar and has less calories compared to fruit juices and sports drinks, athletes and people who exercise regularly are choosing pure coconut water.”

He added, “There are many articles on the Internet about how good coconut water is, including research studies that support my statements, and it is a testimony to the verity of these benefits.”

UFC Refresh Coconut Water

One tasting session, done by S.T. Huan from food, lifestyle & travel blog Out Of Office Asia, ranks five brands of coconut water according to which one tastes the best.

Huan’s conclusion was that UFC Refresh was the “Clear winner” primarily due to its strong thirst-quenching effect, according to Huan.

And the UFC Refresh Coconut Water contains five essential electrolytes too.

UFC gave me a box of their coconut water.

UFC Refresh Coconut Water contains five essential electrolytes

UFC delivered a box of their Refresh coconut water to my place recently, and I feel that I can agree with Huan’s comments – in that the UFC Refresh coconut water is good at quenching thirst.

After a run today, I took some when I got home, and after drinking a glass, I felt quite refreshed to some extent. The coconut water was definitely very cooling and was also a great tonic for my overheated body after the intense morning run. At the same time, the UFC Coconut Water does not have an overpoweringly strong flavour, neither is it overly sweet or salty too. This lack of sweetness suits me.s

But as I have not tasted all of the coconut water brands that were used in Huan’s states test, so it is too early for me to say which is the best coconut water.

Some coconut water brands are more natural than others

According to Foo, UFC’s coconut water is 100 per cent natural, in that it provides 100 per cent pure Thai coconut water. He said, “There are some brands which add other ingredients into their coconut water like plain water, sugar, additives, or preservatives so ‘100 per cent natural’ is used to differentiate brands that provide pure coconut water.”

How to choose a good brand?

Not all brands of coconut water are the same. [Image courtesy of UFC].

Not all brands of coconut water are the same.
[Image courtesy of UFC].

And with so many brands out there in the market nowadays, how do consumers choose which is a good brand to get to quench their thirst, then?

According to Foo, it is important to take a close look at the ingredients list as this will give an indication of how natural the product is. Says Foo, “The coconut water must be free from additives, added sugars and should not come from concentrate.”

Checking the website of the manufacturer or the producer is also advisable, as this will “maintain consistency in taste and quality and address the issue of traceability.”

Finding out from the package, if the brand has been endorsed by authorities such as the Singapore Healthier Choice, Non-GMO or Thailand Trust Mark also helps. Added Foo, “And pick a brand whose manufacturing facilities are close to the natural farm source to ensue freshness and most importantly, the taste must be good.”

Thank you UFC for the box of UFC Refresh Coconut Water.

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