Cronuts @ Singapore’s Dao Paulo Patisserie


Croissants and donuts are both scrumptious treats in their own right.

But that said, what do you get when you actually cross a croissant with a donut?

The answer is a “cronut.”



The History of the cronut

This interesting croissant-donut hybrid was created at the Dominique Ansel bakery in New York on 10 May 2013.

According to the original cronut’s founder and baker, Chef Dominique Ansel, this treat is not just croissant pastry that has been deep-fried. Rather, it is a sugary and creamy treat that deserves a name of its own.

And the cronut has made waves across the globe. Within less than two short months, cronuts have taken the world by storm. Today, different versions of these sugary delights are available in many bakeries worldwide, from Berlin to Singapore.

Different bakeries may call the cronut by a variety of names, such as spudnuts and doughssants, but these all still refer to the same item.

In Singapore, one of the bakeries selling this sinful deep-fried treat is the Dao Paolo Patisserie, which has several branches in Singapore, including a shop located at the basement of 112 Katong shopping mall.

The Varieties Available

At Dao Paolo, they sell two versions of cronuts, which they actually call crodos. One makes use of the traditional flavour, which is the croissant pastry rolled in sugar, filled with cream and then covered in shiny glaze. The other one is a creamy chocolate concoction.

I decided to go for the original cronut, in order to get a feeling of what this sinful yet yummy-sounding treat really tastes like in its original form.

The Appearance and Taste

When I first set eyes on the cronut at Dao Paolo, I actually didn’t see much difference between this and a standard sugary donut. It was round shaped and had a large hole in the centre. The treat was also topped with sugar and was stuffed with a yellowish creamy filling.

But I realised that this was no ordinary donut when I bit into it. The pastry wasn’t the usual type. Instead, I realised that it was actually croissant pastry. I could also see the several croissant layers, even though they did not actually break apart like a typical croissant would.

For the taste though, I actually found it a little too sugary for my liking and I don’t think I could have finished the whole cronut by myself. After a few bites, I already began to feel queasy from the sweetness.

The yellowish custard cream inside was also very sweet. As a result, this only added to the sweetness of the sugary croissant-like pastry.

Perhaps the chocolate-flavoured cronut may have been more pleasing to my taste buds, as the chocolate could probably have balanced out the sugary taste.

Overall Comments

After finding out what the original cronut tastes like, I must admit that I would probably not buy it again, because it is simply too sweet for my liking.

However, I will not rule out getting some of the other flavours to taste, such as the chocolate version at Dao Paolo, or the more exotic flavours that are available in America, like the Rose Vanilla or Lemon Maple as these do seem quite appealing.

Crodos @ Dao Paolo
#B1-21, 112 Katong,
112 East Coast Road
Tel: 66363822
Open Daily: 09:30 – 22:00


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