Pretty Cupcakes in Singapore at Flour Fancies

A small cake boutique located along East Coast Road in Katong, this shop bakes lovely cakes made with top quality ingredients – including gourmet vanilla and Valhrona chocolate.

Their speciality is custom-made cakes, for occasions such as birthday and weddings, but there are also a selection of pretty cakes on display too.

Plain but delicious cupcakes at Flour Fancies.

Plain but delicious cupcakes at Flour Fancies

I recently stumbled upon Flour Fancies when I was walking down East Coast Road, so I decided to drop by and take a look at what they had to offer.

Cakes Available

There are many pretty cupcakes on display here and the flavours range from vanilla and chocolate to banana. As well, small but cute tea cakes are also available. Pretty looking cookies are on sale too, for those who may not be in the mood for a cake.

I bought two cupcakes and a set of three tea cakes. As I love bananas, I selected the banana and the chocolate-banana cupcakes. Many of the flavours for the tea ones were sold out when I reached the shop, so I ended up with the orange flavoured cupcakes instead.

 Banana Cupcake

Banana flavour with banana icing.

Banana flavour with banana icing.

This cupcake is a banana-flavoured cake and is topped with banana buttercream, as the name suggests.

The appearance may be quite plain, with just a layer of icing on the top, but the flavour was quite delicious and the authentic banana taste immediately hit me.  The cake was also moist and yummy and there was not a single trace of banana essence too – which suited me really well.

The banana buttercream on the top added to the yummy banana flavour inside the cake and I would probably go back for more of this delicious cake.

 Chocolate-Banana Cupcake

Banana cupcake with chocolate icing.

Banana cupcake with chocolate icing.

This cupcake is quite similar to the banana one, except that chocolate cream is used as decoration instead of banana buttercream.

The taste of the banana flavour is just as good in this particular cake, but I would have liked some chocolate to be mixed into the banana flavour too. The only chocolate I could detect was in the icing, which did not give me the chocolate kick that I would have liked.

 Tea Cakes

Tea Cakes.

Tea Cakes.

These tea cakes were quite pretty, with a small flower being imprinted on each of the cakes during the baking process.

I found them to be a little dry for my liking though, but the orange version was good and it helped to flavour the otherwise plain tea cake perfectly.

Next time I return, I will definitely try some of the other tea cake flavours too, such as the chocolate one.

Flour Fancies @ East Coast Road
41 East Coast Road
Singapore 428761

Tel: +65.6346.78660
Opening Hours:?Tuesday – Sunday: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

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