Best Simple Cupcakes @ Plain Vanilla Bakery Shop, Holland Village

Plain Vanilla Bakery is a tiny artisanal cupcake shop, located on the second storey of a row of shop houses at Holland Village.

Plenty of cupcakes available at Plain Vanilla Bakery. (Taken from a Spoonful of Soul blog)

Plenty of cupcakes available at Plain Vanilla Bakery. (Taken from a Spoonful of Soul blog)

Netizens, such as the popular food blogger ladyironchef, have praised their cupcakes as being amongst the best ones in Singapore. This could be because this bakery makes sure that every cupcake flavour is unique and contains a different cupcake base – so this makes each flavour more interesting. Some other bakeries just use a chocolate or vanilla cupcake base, with the only difference in the flavours being the frosting on top.

There is a wide variety of cupcake flavours to cater to all types of palates. Muffins and loaf cakes are also available too, for those who may not be in the mood for cupcakes.

I recently chanced upon the Plain Vanilla Bakery cupcakes and had the chance to try their simple and delicious goodies.

The Cupcake Selection

There are nine different types of cupcakes available on a daily basis at the shop, with a few other additional flavours that are rotated on a regular basis. Some of the flavours include cookies & cream, milk chocolate chip, carrot and milk chocolate banana. All of them looked very pretty and yummy, so I had trouble selecting what flavours to pick at first.

But I eventually decided on the dark chocolate ganache, the chocolate hazelnut and the salted caramel cupcakes.

Dark Chocolate Ganache

Dark Chocolate Ganache Cupcake

Dark Chocolate Ganache Cupcake

This was a chocolate cupcake and was decorated with a thick layer of ground chocolate chips on top.

I thought this flavour was quite delicious. The chocolate chips added a rather delicious crunch to the cupcake. As well, the chocolate cupcake was delicious. It was soft and moist and the chocolate was not too sweet either. It is a cupcake that I would probably buy again.

 Chocolate Hazelnut

Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcake

Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcake

This was a chocolate cupcake with hazelnut-flavoured buttercream and three small, whole hazelnuts on the top, as decoration.

I was slightly disappointed with this cupcake though. While the chocolate cupcake was deliciously soft and moist, I didn’t like the hazelnut flavoured buttercream, because this was very sweet. But the hazelnuts were nice – they added a crunchy texture to the cupcake.

From other online reviews, this cupcake is supposed to have a gooey Nutella centre, but I wasn’t able to detect this in my cupcake.

Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel Cupcake

Salted Caramel Cupcake

I thought this cupcake was rather delicious. It was a vanilla cupcake, topped with caramel buttercream. To decorate the cake, a small dot of pure caramel was also added.

This cupcake was a little on the sweet side. But the caramel cream went very well together with the vanilla cupcake, creating a completely irresistible combination inside my mouth. This is a cupcake flavour that I would definitely buy again.

Overall Comments

I rather enjoyed the dark chocolate and salted caramel cupcakes and I would probably buy these again.

As well, some other intriguing flavours that I may want to give a try would include the cinnamon brown sugar, milk chocolate banana and strawberry white chocolate cupcakes.

Do note that the shop does not provide customers with bags. But they will tie up your cardboard box with a string at your request, to make it easier to take away.

The cupcakes here cost $3.50 each, or $18 for half a dozen pieces.

Plain Vanilla Bakery @ Holland Village
34A Lorong Mambong,
Singapore 277691.
(Located on the second floor opposite Harry’s Bar and above El Patio Mexican Restaurant & Wine Bar)

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