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Flor Patisserie is a Japanese-styled patisserie that serves yummy cakes and cookies with a French twist. They pride themselves on using only the freshest ingredients, which are sourced from countries such as Japan, France and Belgium.


The Flor Patisserie

Moreover, their chef has more than 20 years of experience in Japan, and has spent more than a year acclimatising his cakes to suit the Singaporean taste buds, when he had set up Flor Patisserie in Singapore.

Recently, I went to this delightful fusion bakery to taste their cakes. Here are my comments.

Types of Flor Cakes Available

There is a wide selection of cakes on display inside the glass cabinet – to suit all types of taste buds. These include chocolate sponge cakes, fruit-flavoured sponge cakes and crispy tarts, as well as more unique flavours, such as cakes using passionfruit, green tea and Earl Grey tea flavours.

My friends and I selected three types of Flor cakes. These were the Mango Pie, the Mont Blanc and the Wakakusayama cakes.

As well, I also bought two varieties of cookies. These were the walnut and the sesame flavoured ones.

Mango Pie


Mango pie

This is a tart, with flaky pastry and filled with mango flavoured cream. It is decorated with freshly sliced mangoes and blueberries.

The taste was absolute heaven. The pastry base was light and fluffy. Moreover, the mango cream was not overpoweringly sweet and it combined very well together with the fluffy pastry. The fresh fruits on the top made the dessert even more satisfying to my taste buds. It was easily my favourite cake out of the three that I had bought.

Mont Blanc


Mont Blanc

This Flor cake is a Swiss roll, comprising of sponge cake and Chantilly cream, and topped with sweetened chestnuts and chestnut cream.

Upon trying this cake, I found it to be absolutely scrumptious too. The sponge cake was extremely light and the flavour of the chestnuts was really delicious and fragrant and they helped to greatly enhance the cake. Together, the taste was absolutely awesome and I could have easily finished the whole cake up all by myself.




This Flor Patisserie cake is also in the form of a honey-infused Swiss roll and contains green tea flavouring, green tea cream and red bean cream.

I thought the texture of this cake was extremely good – it was light and fluffy and the cake and cream combination almost melted in my mouth. However, the green tea flavour was a bit too strong for my liking, and it didn’t seem to sit very well with the red bean filling of the cake. Perhaps this could have been much more subtle.

Walnut Cookies


Walnut Cookies

I enjoyed the extremely crispy texture of these cookies. However, the walnut flavour was rather weak. It seemed as though there were only a few walnuts used in the cookies. As a result, they appeared more like butter ones rather than walnut cookies. They were also a little dry for my liking and I felt that the chef could have been more generous with the butter.]

Sesame Cookies


Sesame Cookies

Like the walnut cookies from Flor Patisserie, the sesame flavour in these cookies wasn’t very strong either. The cookies were also a little on the dry side, but at least they were really crispy. These ones were also more satisfying than the walnut cookies, because they were slightly thicker.

Overall Impressions

As a whole, the cakes at Flor Patisserie are extremely light and fluffy, which is really good. I would certainly order the Mango Pie and the Mont Blanc cakes again, as everything about these is truly scrumptious.

Other cakes that I might want to try though, include the strawberry Napoleon and the chocolate-flavoured Cacao Royale, as these looked so delicious in the display cabinet.

The walnut and sesame cookies at Flor Patisserie were pretty good too and I really loved the super crunchy texture in them, but they are not the best cookies that I have tasted.

Flor Patisserie
Duxton Hill
#01-01, 2 Duxton Hill
Singapore 089588

Monday to Saturday: 10.30am- 7.30pm
Sunday (Public Holidays):  10.30am- 6.30pm

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