F&N NutriWell: Snow Fungus with WolfBerry Drink

Targeted at health conscious individuals, the F&N NutriWell Snow Fungus with WolfBerry drink has 25 per cent less sugar and is certified as a Healthier Choice by the health promotion board in Singapore. It is also marketed as containing no added preservatives or colourings.


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Snow Fungus and WolfBerry in Drink

This drink contains Snow Fungus and WolfBerry – which are both well known Asian home-brew ingredients. Snow Fungus is highly valued in Asian societies for its nourishing and hydrating effects particularly for the lungs. It is rich in fibre, amino acids, Vitamins B, D and E and is frequently used in nourishing Chinese desserts.

WolfBerry is known for its health and antioxidant properties. The bright orange coloured berries are a dietary supplement for good eye health and play an important role as a retinal pigment filter – according to a 2005 study published in the British Journal of Nutrition. It also contains Vitamin A, which is vital for maintaining healthy skin and supports the normal functioning of the eyes and the immune system – according to a 2008 study published in the Nature Reviews Immunology journal.

Trying out the drink

Thanks to F&N, my family and I had the opportunity to try this drink. Here are my comments on it.

The drink has a very refreshing and soothing taste, that definitely feels hydrating and is good as a thirst quencher. At the same time, the flavours in the drink, which reminded me a little of water chestnut, are not too strong and the taste also does not overwhelm me. I think that it would be a good drink to quench my thirst after my runs. At the same time, the drink also has minimal amounts of artificial sweetness – to make it not so sweet.

Said mum, “The drink was very refreshing and I loved the flavour, which reminded me of boiled water chestnuts.”

Added my dad, “I liked this drink. It reminds me of a boiled sugarcane drink and boiled water chestnuts mixed in, with a WolfBerry aftertaste. It was not too sweet either.”

Where to buy the drink

The F&N NutriWell Snow Fungus with WolfBerry is available as 1L and 475ml packs at a recommended selling pice of $2.25 and $1.50 respectively. It can be bought at leading supermarkets, hypermarkets and participating retail outlets across Singapore.

However F&N is offering a special promotion to celebrate the launch of this beverage – for a limited period of time, you can buy two 1L packs at just $3.75 (the usual price is $4.50).

Thank you F&N for the drink samples.

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