Get Hokkaido Salmon and Paella Spice Mix Burger from McDonald’s Singapore

Now Singaporeans can enjoy the fresh, rich flavours of Hokkaido salmon – from McDonald’s Singapore outlets.

This is because the fast-food chain today has launched the Breaded Salmon & Paella Spice Mix burger at its outlets, for a limited period of time.

McDonald's has introduced the Hokkaido Salmon burger. [Photo from McDonald's]

McDonald’s has introduced the Hokkaido Salmon burger.
[Photo from McDonald’s]

Made of wild salmon chunks from Hokkaido

Featuring a juicy patty made of wild salmon chunks straight from Hokkaido, the new burger is flavoured with diced red & yellow capsicums and diced cheese – ingredients that resemble Spanish paella.

Complementing the patty is a salad mix of hydroponically grown young baby leaves that have been hand-harvested and air dried to prevent bruising. The result is a delicious myriad of flavours sandwiched between a yummy bun – topped with oat flakes, linseeds, rye flakes and sunflower seeds.

Tastes of customers are fast evolving

Said Robert Hunghanfoo, Managing Director, McDonald’s Singapore, “Singapore tastes and preferences are fast evolving. Our customers have told us they want a greater variety of taste, textures and flavours and we make it our mission to listen and offer them what they want – the Breaded Salmon with Paella Spice Mix burger is the latest in a line of new offerings.”

He continued, “For the next few months, customers can expect to see new menu items that have been inspired by insights from public feedback, focus groups and market research.”

The burger is available as part of an Extra Value Meal. [Photo from]

The burger is available as part of an Extra Value Meal.
[Photo from]

Burger is available as Extra Value Meal

Available after breakfast hours, the new Breaded Salmon with Paella Spice Mix burger comes as an Extra Value Meal, which includes the burger, medium french fries and Coke Zero – available at $7.50. This will be in stores from 18 February 2016, at all McDonalds restaurants as well as via McDelivery, while stocks last.

Containing zero carbs and zero calories, Coke Zero is marketed by the Coca Cola Company as being the healthier carbonated soft drink alternative compared to the regular Coca Cola beverage.

Customers who prefer even healthy options though, with their Breaded Salmon burger can also swap their fries with a corn cup at no extra charge. Or they can top up $1.20 to get a Garden Side Salad instead – featuring whole lettuce leaves, red & white cabbage, carrots, corn and tomatoes, topped with Japanese dressing.

Together with a Garden Side Salad and a bottle of Dasani mineral water, the Breaded Salmon with Paella Spice Mix comes in at only 432 calories per meal. So by choosing this option, you can enjoy the goodness of McDonald’s new salmon burger, and not bust your average daily calorie intake – of 2,000 calories, at the same time.

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