The Greenhouse @ Ritz Carlton Hotel: Festive Buffet Dinner

I recently made a trip to the Greenhouse at the Ritz Carlton to try out their festive buffet dinner. The food was very good and I was quite happy with the meal.

The Greenhouse, Ritz Carlton Hotel Sinhapore

The Greenhouse, Ritz Carlton Hotel Sinhapore


Two types of soup were available. There was the double-boiled fish maw and meat ball with cabbage soup. Also served was a cream of mushroom soup. I loved the fish maw and meat ball combination and this soup had a very hearty flavour.


Tasty lobsters

Tasty lobsters

The lobsters were my favourite. There were two types. One was grilled with butter sauce, while the other one was boiled in a stock with a lobster based flavour. I enjoyed the grilled version because I could really taste the natural flavour of this shellfish. But both versions were moist, tender and delicious, though.

The cold seafood included boiled prawns and crabs, which were pretty decent.

Carved Meat

Ham on the bone

Ham on the bone

There were roast turkey and beef, as well as ham in this section. Usually I find that turkey meat is quite coarse, but I particularly liked the one here – because it was quite succulent and tender. The roasted leg of ham was succulent and full of flavour. The beef was also cooked to perfection, with a bit of red colour in the centre. Cranberry and red wine sauce was available in the carved meat section.

Warm Food

The highlights were the:

 Steamed and baked snappers

Steamed fish

Steamed fish

One version was a king snapper steamed with soya sauce, while the other was a baked whole snapper. Both of these were moist and very tasty, and the flavour was not overpowering.

Wok Fried Prawns

These were delicious – served with a mild brown sauce that did not “kill” the prawn taste.

Lamb Stew

The lamb stew with spring vegetables was decent – but it was not my favourite, as the lamb was a bit too strong for me.

Black Pepper Crabs

The peppery taste was just nice and not too hot.

Escargot and Mushroom Ragout Tart

I loved the taste of the escargot bits in the tart. The escargot pieces gave the tart a special flavour.

Mini escargot and mushroom tarts

Mini escargot and mushroom tarts

Braised Chicken Chop with Bacon

The bacon added a delicious fragrant flavour to the chicken – and was one of my favourites in the warm food section.

Asian Green Vegetables of the Day

The Baby Kai Lan here was green and crunchy – just the way I liked it.

Assorted Preserved Meat and Fragrant Rice in Lotus Leaves

This was one of my eating companion’s favourites as the rice had a delicious fragrant flavour. The preserved meat pieces included diced Chinese sausage and dried octopus – giving a rather unique flavour.

Indian Food

These included lamb rendang (which tasted like beef and also with the same texture), butter chicken, spicy vegetable korma, biryani rice and Naan.

Apart from the lamb, the rest of the dishes in this section were decent, particularly the butter chicken, which was really delicious and fragrant.

Japanese Food

Assortment of Japanese sushi.

Assortment of Japanese sushi

These included Miso soup, braised beef in bamboo basket, a big assortment of sushi and sashimi and cold soba noodles. The beef cubes were tasty and the sushi and sashimi seemed very fresh.


Puddings delicately poured into mini martini glasses for decoration.

Puddings delicately poured into mini martini glasses for decoration.

There were plenty of desserts. Items ranged from a variety of log cakes, to other puddings and ice cream. Some of my favourites here included the tiramisu cake and the ice cream, which came with a range of toppings like M&Ms, chocolate rice and hundreds and thousands. At the same time, I also enjoyed the assorted chocolate pralines because these were tasty and yummy. There were a generous variety of chocolates and these ranged from caramel to nuts and comprised of a mixture of milk, dark and white chocolates.

Scrumptious Tiramisu cake.

Scrumptious Tiramisu cake.

The Service

The service is generally very good, but it was not quite up to scratch on the day we went, possibly due to the large crowd. I had requested for a birthday cake slice for one of my eating companions, but we had to ask two service staff, each twice, and it took at least half an hour before the slice of cake finally arrived. But apart from this, it was a very good buffet experience.

Overall Comments

It was an enjoyable meal and I had a great time feasting on the delicious spread.

Cost: SGD$98++ per person

The Greenhouse @ the Ritz Carlton hotel, Singapore
7 Raffles Ave, Singapore 039799
Call +65 6434 5285 for enquiries and bookings

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