How To Eat Healthy

The phrase, you are what you eat, is quite true. This is because the type of food you eat is one of the main factors that dictate the health of your body.


Think of your body as a car. The food that you put into your body is equivalent to the fuel that you put into a car. If you put in low-grade fuel, your car will not be able to function properly. This is the same case for your body. If you do not put in the right types of food, you will suffer from problems such as obesity, stroke and hypertension.

Here are tips on how you can eat healthy.

Eat breakfast


Healthy cereals

Many people skip breakfast because they have no time. But contrary to what many people think, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating breakfast gives you the energy to last through the day, so that you won’t feel so hungry, lethargic and tired by mid-morning.

But when you eat breakfast, be sure to eat it right. Do not grab a donut or cupcake from the fridge. Examples of a healthy breakfast include whole grain cereals with milk or perhaps two slices of wholemeal toast with peanut butter and a cup of low-fat yoghurt. Steamed dim sums and porridge are also healthy options to begin your day.

If you really don’t have time to actually sit down and eat breakfast, why not just consider making a breakfast smoothie, comprising of fruits and low fat milk? This would also be a healthy and nutritious start to your day.

Cut down on the salt and sugar content

When you are eating at the hawker centre or food courts, the food is not always healthy. For example, there is a lot of oil used in the frying of char kway teow. Moreover, those deep-fried banana fritters, crispy spring rolls or egg tarts are not so good for your body either. Even if you think you are going healthy by choosing boiled soupy food such as wanton noodles or Japanese ramen, have you ever thought of how much salt and seasoning the hawkers or eateries use inside the soup stock, especially if it tastes good?

So try to be mindful of your own health by asking the hawker or eatery to reduce the amount of salt and seasoning inside your food. It might not really taste as delicious at first, but your body will soon adapt to this healthier version of the dish, and you will then find the original version much too oily and salty for you.

Do away with salad dressing

You might think you are choosing the right thing by eating salads, but have you ever thought of the sheer amount of calories in the tasty salad dressing that you spread all over your so-called healthy lunch? Caesar or Thousand Island dressing is definitely not good for your health, because of the large amounts of cream and butter that is used in the making of it.

If you must go for dressing, why not choose the healthier types, such as olive oil based dressing or yoghurt versions that you make yourself? These are much better for your health and contain fewer calories too.

Have four to six small meals a day


Kaya toasts

Many people believe in eating three main meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner. But instead of getting hungry and then completely stuffing yourself up during meal times, you could consider eating four to six small meals/snacks a day. This would mean eating roughly every three to four hours.

Perhaps you could pack a large bagful of nuts or take sandwiches to work and eat this at your desk as one of your snacks/meals.

Cutting down on the size of your meals but eating more frequently, is a good habit to get into. 

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