Indulge in healthy ice cream without the guilt

Now when the weather gets hot and sunny and you are craving for a sweet, cold treat, you can indulge in ice cream… without any of the guilt that usually comes along with it.

No trans-fat and less than 200 calories per stick

This is because the Magnolia Gotcha Astronaut ice cream contains no trans-fat and less than 200 calories per stick. They have been also awarded the Healthier Choice Symbol by the Health Promotion Board. This makes the ice cream a perfect guilt-free treat for all of the health-conscious Singaporeans out there, to indulge in.

[Photo Credits to F&N Creameries]

[Photo Credits to F&N Creameries]

Innovative shapes and colours to delight the senses

At the same time, the new Magnolia Gotcha Astronaut ice cream contains a combination of innovative shapes and colours, and takes the palette on a “thrilling ride across the Galaxy” with its spaceship inspired design.

The “full-bodied chocolate flavour” will “swoon even the most ardent chocoholics.” As such, the ice cream is marketed by Magnolia, as “decadence on a stick.”

Trying the ice cream

Magnolia recently delivered a few sticks of these ice creams to me for trying.


On first inspection, the appearance of the ice cream did resembled the rough outline of a spaceship, but without the doors and windows though. It may have been a nice touch from Magnolia to have put these features in by using chocolate, to further play up the astronaut theme. But otherwise the ice cream shape had been quite different to the rectangular or oval shaped blocks that most of the stick ice confectionaries tend to come in.

Being an ice confection, the Magnolia Gotcha Astronaut was less creamy than an ice cream, though.

The texture was also a bit on the dry side, but it wasn’t rough; it was smoother than I had expected. As for the chocolate flavour, I personally thought that this had been quite intense, but at least it was not too sweet though.

Added my dad, “The chocolate flavour was quite pleasant to me. The texture was smooth overall and I thought that the taste was nice without being too sweet.”

My mum also shared the similar sentiments. She said, “The ice cream was very refreshing so it’s good in the hot weather. It’s also not too sweet, so it does not leave a sickly taste behind in my mouth.”


Where to buy the ice creams

The Magnolia Gotcha ice creams are available in single serve portions at a recommended retail price of $0.60 per stick at selected minimarts or provision stores across Singapore.

As well, they can also be bought in a multipack of six sticks for $3.30 per box at major supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Thank you Magnolia for the Magnolia Gotcha Astronaut ice creams.

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