Luxurious JWEL Ice Creams Now In Honey, Chocolate Orange & Peanut Butter Flavours

The JWEL ice creams – which are uniquely themed according to a typical royal court – has always stood out for their decadent, almond-flecked chocolate coating and the smooth velvety taste, as well as their fascinatingly indulgent flavours.

The new JWEL ice cream flavours. Credit: F&N.

The new JWEL ice cream flavours.
Credit: F&N.

And now, to celebrate the first anniversary of JWEL ice creams in Singapore, the company has come up with three brand new flavours. These are The Baroness of Chocolate Orange, The Marquis of Peanut Butter and Her Highness of Honey. I tried all three of the new flavours, and here are my comments on them.

Baroness of Chocolate Orange

Baroness of Chocolate Orange.

Baroness of Chocolate Orange.

This ice cream comprises of rich chocolate and Valencia oranges, coated in an almond-flecked chocolate shell.

The first thing I noticed about this ice cream flavour, was the orange taste, which created an intense citrusy flavour. In fact, there seemed to be more orange rather than chocolate flavour in this ice cream at the beginning – but after letting the ice cream slowly melt into my mouth, I subsequently began to detect a slight chocolatey tang and as I ate more of the ice cream, the chocolate and orange flavours seemed to slowly balance out and combine together nicely.

Marquis of Peanut Butter

This flavour, as the name suggests, contains sweet & salty peanut butter flavoured ice cream, again in an almond-flecked chocolate shell, like the Baroness of Chocolate Orange ice cream.

This ice cream reminds me strongly of the peanut cookies that I always enjoy munching on during the Chinese New Year period. The sweet and salty textures of the ice cream were pretty balanced – with the ice cream being neither too salty nor sweet.

Honey & Peanut Butter ice creams.

Honey & Peanut Butter ice creams.

Her Highness of Honey

This flavour is made up of honey flavoured ice cream that is coated in an almond-flecked chocolate shell, just like the other two flavours above.

The intense honey flavour in this velvety ice cream is immediately apparent, the moment that I took a bite out of this ice cream. I must admit that it surprised me slightly, as I had not been expecting such a strong honey taste. However, my taste buds became more accustomed to the taste, as I had more of the ice cream. Eventually it started to become more subtle and slowly mellowed more and more, as I was eating the ice cream.

Cost and Availability of the JWEL ice creams

These three new JWEL flavours are now available in single serves for $2.70 per stick at selected general retail stores and $2.95 per stick at selected 7-Eleven outlets. They are also available in a multipack of six at major supermarkets and hypermarkets for the recommended retail price of $10.90, in the following variants:

  • Chocolate Orange (6 chocolate orange sticks in pack)
  • Honey and Peanut Butter (3 honey + 3 peanut butter in pack)

Other JWEL Flavours Available

For your reference, the other existing flavours also available in the JWEL ice cream range include:

  • The Duke of Vanilla
  • The Countess of Tiramisu
  • The Duchess of Double Chocolate
  • The Earl of Caramel
  • The Baron of Black Forest

Thank you F&N, for the opportunity to taste the new JWEL ice cream flavours.

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