Krispy Kreme Donuts: The Next Singaporean Craze?

Update: Krispy Kreme has finally opened in Singapore. Click here to read about my opening day queuing experience.

Singapore is finally getting its first Krispy Kreme donut shop. A donut brand originating from the USA, Singapore’s first shop will be located at Tangs, Orchard, but it will not actually open its doors to customers till October. Even though there are still a few more months to go, it is already making huge waves on the Internet, with large numbers of Singaporeans turning to Facebook and Twitter about its imminent opening.


The orginal Krisp Kream glazed donuts

It is no surprise that a lot of people are extremely excited about the opening of this Krispy Kreme Singapore store. Singaporeans are known to bring boxes of these donuts back from overseas trips – many of my friends included.

Will Krispy Kreme be a fad?

When the Krispy Kreme Singapore donut shop finally opens though, will it just be a case of Krispy Kreme becoming the next Singaporean sensation, or will it end up like the bubble tea and Papparoti buns in the past? Or will Krispy Kreme be here to stay?

I remember reading about Krispy Kreme shops sprouting up all over Hong Kong in the past, but they have all since closed down, because their donuts were simply nothing more than a fad. There is a part of me that wonders whether this would happen in Singapore too, as our Papparoti shops have all closed down, shortly after they popped up all over Singapore. I suppose that ultimately, latching onto an existing craze does not work.

In Singapore though, I think that Krispy Kreme donuts will be here to stay and won’t be a passing fad, based on the sheer popularity and demand of these donuts amongst Singaporeans travelling overseas.

Sure, some new donut stores may spring up, to latch onto the Krispy Kreme name, and try to mimic their donuts. But I think it is these shops that will end up shutting down – the original Krispy Kreme will survive and continue to thrive in Singapore, as one of the more popular places to grab this sweet American invention.

Long queues at the shop

Of course, like all new eateries in Singapore, such as the Laduree macarons and Michelin-starred dim sum stores, they will attract very long queues too. Singapore is a nation of foodies, after all. Ardent Krispy Kreme Singapore fans will queue overnight just to get their hands on the donuts. Those who have tried Krispy Kreme donuts won’t be able to wait to eat them again, but people who have never eaten a Krispy Kreme donut will wonder what the fuss is all about – and they will flock to the shop

I won’t be one of those overnight queuers though, because I don’t think the queuing is exactly worth it. But I will probably wait for the queues to be shorter first, before I make my way down to savour the scrumptious taste of these donuts.

My past memories of Krispy Kreme donuts

Personally, I have tasted the Krispy Kreme donuts and they are quite different to other types I have tried. The donut is really soft and it’s not as sweet as others. To put it simply, they are totally addictive, and once you have tasted it, you will find yourself going back time and time again, to a Krispy Kreme store.

So as long as the taste and texture of the Krispy Kreme donut coming here remain true to the ones I had indulged in during my stay in Australia, Singapore’s Krispy Kreme shops already have a customer in me.

Waiting for Krispy Kreme Singapore? Make do with cronuts in the meantime.

Or to find out how to get FREE Krispy Kreme donuts, click here!

Krispy Kreme Singapore will open at Tangs, Orchard, in October. Click here for my review of the shop.



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