Delicious French Bakery Treats @ La Voie Française, Auckland, NZ

This little French bakery is a hidden gem amongst the food shops at Auckland’s Dominion Road.

Helmed by Japanese chef Tetsuya Namekawa who learnt his baking skills from the famous French patisserie king, Pierre Herme, the little bakery has received rave reviews from netizens online about their scrumptious and authentic French pastries.

This French bakery cafe is a hidden find in Dominion Road, Auckland. Source:

This French bakery cafe is a hidden find in Dominion Road, Auckland.

A small shop with many decadent French delights

The shop itself is small, comprising of three tables, because many of their customers buy take aways and eat on the go.

The shelves are lined with scrumptious French pastries such as croissants and Danishes, as well as savouries, baguettes and delicious sweet treats such as cakes, tarts and macarons. There is hot chocolate and an assortment of coffees, for those who want to have a hot drink.

Ham and Cheese Baguette

Scrumptious & addictive French ham & cheese baguette.

Scrumptious & addictive French ham & cheese baguette.

My personal favourite item here, definitely has to be the scrumptious ham & cheese baguette. Prepared with Italian-style Prosciutto ham and Cheddar cheese, these baguettes are definitely a delight to the taste buds. The outside is crispy and the centre is delicious and soft but chewy. The portion  is also perfect – it is just right for a light lunch, without leaving me feeling stuffed by the end of the meal.

These baguettes taste really great when eaten straight after you’ve bought it, with the scrumptious outside creating a good crunch and the flavour of the bread blending in very well together with the delicious ham and cheese fillings.

And before eating, if they are toasted in the oven for about two to three minutes, these little baguettes become even more scrumptious. The extra heating makes the bread very crunchy on the outside and with the Cheddar cheese melting nicely on to the ham, it becomes very addictive, probably one of the best baguettes that I have tasted.

Almond Croissants

Tasty almond croissant.

Tasty almond croissant.

Besides the baguettes, I also recommend the almond croissants. The croissant pastry is deliciously light and buttery and the almond paste coating the croissant is yummy and fragrant.

Fruit Tarts

Deliciously addictive Fruit Tarts.

Deliciously addictive Fruit Tarts.

The fruit tarts, which are only available during weekends, are also excellent, with the fruit custard filling, blending in very nicely with the light and buttery biscuit base. In fact, the moment I took a bite, I found that I could not stop eating them. So it is a good thing, that these tarts are very small in size.

I tried three different flavours of these tarts. These are the raspberry, blueberry and lemon meringue cream ones, and they were all so good that I found I couldn’t pick a favourite out of the lot.

Far Breton

Yummy Far Breton.

Yummy Far Breton.

A traditional French dessert, the Far Breton is a rich, dense custard treat incorporating a few fruits and topped off with brandy and rum. The flavours blended very well together with the fruits which balanced out the custard base of this rich, decadent treat.

Overall Comments

If you are craving for some good French bread and pastries, this shop is certainly worth checking out. However, I must warn you that there is a long queue, so you must come early. For example, if you come after 12 noon, then you may be left staring at near empty shelves for lunch.

La Voie Française 

875 Dominion Road, Mt Roskill, Auckland

Ph: 09 – 620 5947

Open 7 days: 8am – 3pm

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