Light and Fluffy Cupcakes @ Twelve Cupcakes (Part Two)

I previously wrote a blog post about the delicious morsels available at Twelve Cupcakes, Singapore. While some of their cakes were delicious, other ones had failed to meet my expectations.


Nevertheless, since my previous visit, some other newly introduced flavours at Twelve Cupcakes, Singapore attracted me to return to the shop to pick up some more cakes.

Salted Caramel Banana


This is a banana-flavoured cupcake topped with caramel and caramel-flavoured cream.

I found this to be quite delicious. Unlike the chocolate banana flavour in my previous post, this one didn’t have any banana essence inside. It really tasted as though it was made with real bananas, so that was quite good.

The salted caramel flavour comes from a layer of caramel on the surface of the cake. When eaten together, I found the banana and sweet caramel flavours really yummy and the combination in my mouth tasted perfect.

Chocolate Salted Caramel


What attracted me to this cupcake was the appearance. It was very colourful, with mini chocolate balls decorating the top of this chocolate cupcake. There was also a layer of caramel and some butterscotch-flavoured cream present.

The flavour was really good. To my delight and surprise, the chocolate balls on the surface were crispy and this added a delicious texture to the moist chocolate cupcake. As well, the salted caramel gave the cupcake a slightly saltish note, which helped to balance out the sweet cupcake really well. I rather enjoyed eating this one.

Salted Caramel



This cupcake is quite pretty, with icing in the shape of a cute, orange flower sitting on top of the cake. On the surface of the cake are butterscotch-flavoured cream and a delicious layer of salted caramel.

This flavour tasted quite delicious, with the slightly salty flavour from the caramel blending in very well with the scrumptious cupcake. However, compared to the previous two caramel flavours (above), I actually found this one to be a little on the plain side and the caramel taste wasn’t as strong as I would have liked.

Chocolate Chip


This is a vanilla cupcake baked with chocolate chips inside the dough. Some chocolate cream and extra chocolate chips are placed on the top of the cake for decoration.

I really enjoyed this particular cupcake as well. The chocolate chips added a really nice and slightly crunchy texture to the cake. As well, the amount of sweetness from the miniature dark chocolate chips was extremely satisfying and definitely didn’t give me a sugar overload. It is a cupcake that I would certainly eat again.



This is a delicious, chocolate flavoured cupcake with real nutella stuffed into the centre. Hazelnut flavoured cream and chopped hazelnuts are used to decorate the cupcake.

I thought this cake was delicious. When I took a bite of the cupcake, the nutella oozed out of the moist cupcake, creating a really scrumptious combination of flavours.

However, I thought the amount of nutella filling could have been more generous though, because after the initial few bites, the filling seemed to have dried up, and I was just left eating the plain chocolate cupcake.

Nutella Banana

This pretty looking cupcake is mixed with both nutella and sliced bananas during the baking process. Hazelnut cream is used on the top of the cupcake as a decoration.

When I bit into this cupcake, I found an extremely generous amount of bananas inside, which was really good. However, the banana taste seemed to overpower the hazelnut flavour that was supposed to be in the nutella. As a result, I felt that I was eating chocolate banana cake instead of nutella banana. But nevertheless, it was still a relatively scrumptious cupcake.

Chocolate Chocolate


This cupcake is definitely for the dark chocolate lovers. The top of the chocolate cupcake is decorated with chocolate icing and pretty little chocolate balls.

I selected this flavour, because I am a chocolate lover, and the taste certainly did not disappoint. The chocolate flavour was not too bitter too. Like the chocolate salted caramel cupcake, the little chocolate wafer balls gave the deliciously moist cupcake a nice, crunchy texture, which I really enjoyed.

Each cupcake at Twelve Cupcakes, Singapore cost $3 or $3.50 depending on the flavour that you select.

Twelve Cupcakes, Singapore @ PARKWAY PARADE
Unit #01-16
Operating Hours: 10.30am – 9.30pm Daily



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