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Choux pastry is a type of puff pastry that is used to make éclairs and profiteroles. But what happens when you cross this fluffy pastry with a French-style macaron? You get a macaron choux.


A new creation by Dessert.Cup cake shop and patisserie, the macaron choux comprises of a macaron-style filling enveloped in a piece of choux pastry. On the top is a deliciously chewy macaron shell.

These mini pastries, which look so tiny that you could probably gobble them down in a single bite, come in nine flavours, including French vanilla, raspberry, chocolate orange, lemon and espresso.

But do these interesting creations taste as good as they appear? Here is my verdict.

Flavours Available

Out of the nine flavours available for the macaron choux, I selected four. These were the dark chocolate, espresso, hazelnut praline and French vanilla ones, because I wanted to be on the “safe” side. I was a bit hesitant on tasting some of their more unusual flavours, like the lavender and earl grey chocolate ones.

A tip that the counter girl gave me was that the macaron choux should be consumed on the day itself, to ensure its freshness. If I was keeping them overnight, they should be put inside the fridge, otherwise the cream inside them would get spoilt.

Eating the macaron choux

Dark chocolate


I rather enjoyed this flavour. The puff pastry wasn’t as crispy as I would have liked, possibly due to keeping the macaron choux overnight in the fridge. The macaron shell on the top was also slightly soft and not as chewy as I had expected.

But I must say that the taste was really good and the flavours combined well with each other perfectly. The dark chocolate cream tasted yummy and together with the puff pastry, it reminded me of a chocolate cream puff.

The amount of cream used was also just right. It wasn’t too creamy but at the same time, there wasn’t too little of it either. The taste of the chocolate cream didn’t overpower the macaron choux and it wasn’t too sweet either, which was good.


I thought that this flavour was really delicious and tasty too. While the yummy coffee flavour was immediately apparent in the cream layer sandwiched within the puff pastry, it wasn’t so strong though, that it overpowered the macaron. There was also a coffee essence in the macaron shell itself, so that was also a nice touch to this pastry. But it was a pity that this was a little bit soft and not as chewy as I would have hoped.

Hazelnut praline


The puff pastry and the texture of the macaron shell was similar to the dark chocolate version. However, I thought the hazelnut flavour was a little bit too strong for my liking. As soon as I bit into the macaron choux, the hazelnut hit me.

At the same time, this was also a little bit sweeter than I would have liked and I did not take to this flavour compared to the chocolate one. Perhaps if they had combined the hazelnut with some chocolate flavouring, this would have helped to neutralise the hazelnut taste a little.

French Vanilla


This flavour was the mildest one of the lot. The vanilla cream combined really well with the puff pastry, but I would have liked the taste to be a bit stronger for me.

The macaron shell for this flavour also seemed softer than the two that I had previously tried so I was quite disappointed with that. I would have actually preferred it to have a more chewy texture.

Overall Impressions

I would probably buy the chocolate and espresso flavours of the macaron choux again, but the other two were not quite as I had expected, so I may give these a miss. I may choose the lemon, earl grey chocolate or even the chocolate orange ones next time round.

The macaron choux costs $3 per piece. If you buy a box of nine pieces though, it would cost you $25.
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Macaron Choux @ Dessert.Cup
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