Magnum’s 25th Birthday Party at the Magnum Pop-Up Pleasure Store

Last Friday evening, the travelling Magnum Pleasure pop-up Store made its last stop in Singapore at Customs Terrace and to celebrate Magnum’s 25th birthday, a party was held there.

So far, this pop-up store has appeared at locations such as Nex, Raffles City and VivoCity.

Celebrating Magnum's 25th birthday in Singapore.

Celebrating Magnum’s 25th birthday in Singapore

At the party, fans were treated to an endless supply of Magnum ice cream as well as having the chance to queue for a Make My Magnum – with the compliments of the store.

Read on, to find out more about the Magnum Pleasure party.

I reached Customs Terrace just after 6.30pm. The Magnum Pleasure Store was easily recognizable by its trademark brown and gold colours.

There was already a queue of about 20 strong at the venue with people waiting to make their free Magnum ice creams, even though the party did not start until 7pm and the Make My Magnum did not begin until 7.30pm. It won’t be long now, I thought to myself, as I quickly joined the back of the queue – before it swelled even more.

Balloons given out

Pretty silver Magnum balloons were given out to those in the queue on a first-come-first-serve basis and the emcee constantly drummed up the excitement. For example she talked to some of those at the front of the queue, asking about the Magnum toppings that the fans were going to choose.

Queuing up at the Magnum Pleasure Store.

Queuing up at the Magnum Pleasure Store.

At the same time, we were presented with an endless supply of ice creams too, while waiting in line. Unable to resist the “premature” dose of ice cream, I decided to sample the new flavour.

The Countdown

Just before 7.30pm approached, the emcee drummed up the excitement even more, by counting down the seconds.

At the stroke of 7.30pm, the store opened – for the Make My Magnum – to much fanfare and an array of brilliant firecrackers. Now I was feeling more excited than ever. It was only minutes away, before I would make and indulge in my very own Magnum ice cream creation.

Ushered into the store

People were slowly ushered into the store. I waited eagerly for my turn and I watched others entering and leaving the store feeling contented and happy with their free Magnum ice creams.

Making My Ice Cream

My Magnum ice cream.

My Magnum ice cream.

Soon enough, it was my turn. I entered the store eagerly. I had been waiting for this moment for so long, and now it had finally arrived.

Basically, you are presented with just a plain vanilla Magnum, and get to choose the dark, milk or white chocolate coating and the chocolate drizzle. For the three toppings, we could choose the more common ones such as caramel shimmer, sea salt or almond flakes or more exotic flavours like chilli flake, dried cranberries and coffee dusting.

For this special occasion, four new toppings were introduced too. These were the silver surprise, precious pearls, caramel shimmer and crunchy sparkles.

As I am a dark chocolate lover, I went with a dark chocolate coating and white chocolate drizzle for contrast. For the toppings, I chose silver surprise, precious pearls and macadamia nuts to give some crunch.

The ice cream definitely lived up to its billing – and I must say that the taste was well worth the hour long wait.

Caricatures and photos

My Magnum caricature.

My Magnum caricature

Besides the ice creams, there were also separate queues for caricatures and print photos, so that partygoers would have a souvenir of the special evening of Magnum indulgence.

I queued up for both of these – and the wait was much longer than for the ice cream itself. The queue was agonising and unlike the one for the Magnum queue, these ones appeared to be moving much more slowly.

However, I should say that the caricature drawing and the photo were well worth the one and a half to two hour wait – and these certainly provide me with a good souvenir to remember the lovely Magnum party that I had attended.

The Magnum Pleasure Store will be based at the Customs House Terrace till 23 July.

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