Magnum Pleasure Store at Vivocity, Singapore

The Magnum Pleasure Pop-Up Store is making waves around the world and is now in Singapore. This store offers a unique type of service, whereby customers create their own flavour of Magnum ice cream from scratch.

Magnum Pleasure Store.

Magnum Pleasure Store

If you are a coffee fan, for example, you can order a strong Espresso flavoured Magnum ice cream. You can also choose to go for a Magnum ice cream with rose petals added inside if you like floral flavours. Romantics can select the pretty heart-shaped candies to go with their Magnum.

How Does This Work?

You first start with a plain vanilla Magnum ice cream with absolutely nothing on it.

Select the topping of your choice: Dark, milk or white.

Select the topping of your choice: Dark, milk or white.

Then you select the chocolate base (dark, milk or white) that you want, three toppings of your choice and finally, a chocolate drizzle (dark, milk or white).

Of course, the last step is then to indulge in your own creation and savour it for what it is worth.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon the Magnum Pleasure Store, which is currently at Vivocity.

A Tiny Shop

The Magnum Pleasure Store at Vivocity is a tiny pop-up shop with a bar counter and stools in the centre of the room and a few tables surrounding the counter. But instead of drinks being available, there is Magnum ice cream. The entire shop is decorated in the brown and gold trademark colours of the Magnum brand.

Small Queue

When I got to the Magnum Pleasure Store, there was a small queue forming and it was roughly ten people deep. As I was in the mood for something sweet and cold, I decided to join the queue to create an ice cream.

I found myself trying to decide on what type of frosting I wanted, as each person in front of me took their turn and watched as their ice cream being created.

 The Toppings

The toppings available.

The toppings available.

When it was finally my turn, I took a look at the toppings available. There was a wide variety, including coffee, caramel chips and sea salt as well as floral flavours such as rose petals.

As I wanted something crunchy, I selected the rice puffs and macadamia nuts. To add some vibrancy and colour to my Magnum, I also chose the gold flakes.

For my chocolate base, I had dark chocolate. My drizzle type was the white version.

Savouring my Ice Cream

My very own Magnum ice cream creation.

My very own Magnum ice cream creation

When I bit into my creation, it was absolutely divine. I loved the crunchiness of the rice puffs and the slightly salted macadamia nuts.

They mixed very well together with the melt-in-your-mouth Magnum ice cream.

The little gold-coloured chocolate flakes were also yummy and they provided some gloss to my ice cream and it was a perfect contrast to the shiny gold and dark chocolate.

Finally, the dark chocolate coating with white chocolate drizzle provided a lovely combination. As well, the bitterness of the dark chocolate blended very well with the sweetness of the white chocolate, creating a dessert that was made in heaven.

Overall Comments

I would definitely return to the Magnum pleasure store again, to taste some of their other toppings. Next time, I may also go with a milk chocolate base, so that I know what it tastes like.

This Magnum Pleasure Store pop-up is currently stationed at Vivocity until 30 November this year.

Magnum Pleasure Store
VivoCity Amphitheatre
1 Harbourfront Walk, Singapore,
Singapore 098585

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