Food Review: Healthy Milkshakes with a Twist at MakeShake

Local start-up MakeShake, a small milkshake takeaway outlet based in Jurong, is completely different to other milkshake outlets in Singapore. That’s because customers can design their own milkshake creations, from a list of ingredients provided.

MakeShake offers a delicious and healthy assortment of milkshakes.

MakeShake offers a delicious and healthy assortment of milkshakes.

Explained Yunnis See, a Sharkerista (milkshake maker), “Our idea is to give people the freedom of choosing what to put into their milkshakes – rather than us telling them what to put inside. Some people though, have asked for some weird options, like choosing seven to eight types of ingredients – which I thought may taste quite weird when they are mixed together. But they seem to enjoy it though because it is their own creation.”

Ice cream base is reduced in sugar

However, that’s not the only thing that’s unique about the milkshakes at MakeShake. They also contain a healthy twist, according to Singaporean foodie Seth Lui – founder of MakeShake. On their website, he explained that this is because the malted vanilla ice cream base that their standard milkshakes are made of, are reduced in sugar. And while full cream milk may be used, See said that these milkshakes comprise of less than five per cent fat milk. So not only does this cater to the health conscious, but it also lets “the ingredients of your choice shine” according to Lui. In addition, you can also choose to have your milkshake prepared with 98 per cent fat free frozen yoghurt, if the vanilla ice cream option is still too “fattening” for your liking.

Said See, “We use vanilla as a base, because it can be mixed with everything. It’s very versatile and does not overpower the taste of the ingredients. If we used chocolate as a base, it has a very strong flavour and so may prevent you from being able to taste the ingredients that you put into the milkshake.”

A wide range of ingredients to add to the milkshakes 

There is a wide range of ingredients for customers to add to their milkshakes, as either flavours or toppings. These range from healthy options such as fruits and Granola – to other delicious choices, like Nutella, Kit Kats, chocolate fudge, marshmallows and Tim Tams.

However there are also a few ready-made flavours, such as Brown & Browner (Oreo and chocolate fudge) and Simply Marshella (Nutella and marshmallows) – both of which have quickly become bestsellers at MakeShake. Said See, “The set menu helps to keep things more simple, for those who can’t decide what ingredients to put into their milkshake.”

Wanted to provide high quality milkshakes at afforable prices

Lui had come up with the idea of MakeShake, because he had wanted to give customers high quality milkshakes – at afforable prices. He had felt that many of the expensive milkshakes available at top quality outlets around Singapore had “tasted like blended cardboard” and this was something that he wanted to change in the local milkshake scene. So MakeShake was opened – to provide Singaporeans with “fashionable, delicious and thick shakes.”

Added See, “The customers really like the milkshakes here. We have a regular customer base mainly comprising of students from Nanyang Technological University and secondary schools around the area. They come to our stall several times a week, just to drink the milkshakes.”

The milkshakes at MakeShake range from $3.90 to $8.10 depending on the size of the cup that you choose. I was invited there to sample their milkshakes recently and this is how the tasting went.

Supernana Nana.

Supernana Nana.

Supernana Nana

Comprising of a base of 98 per cent fat free frozen yoghurt, mixed together with bananas and strawberries, this is one of the most healthy milkshake options that you can choose at MakeShake.

On tasting this milkshake, I found the flavour of the beverage to be very tangy – compared to the ice cream based milkshakes. As a result, it wasn’t too sweet. I must compliment MakeShake on the very generous amount of bananas and strawberries that were added to this milkshake. I found that I could really taste the flavours of both these fruits. This milkshake was also very thick and I found that it also stayed relatively cold and solid, even after it had been prepared, for more than an hour.

Brown & Browner

This milkshake is one of the bestsellers at MakeShake and it comprises of a vanilla ice cream base, with oreo and chocolate fudge added as ingredients.

I must say that I really enjoyed this flavour. The addition of the crushed Oreo cookies provided a really yummy crunchy texture to the milkshake, which helped to give it some bite. As well, I found that the chocolate fudge helped to enhance the chocolatey flavour from the Oreos. This will appeal to chocolate lovers.

Simply Marshella.

Simply Marshella.

Simply Marshella

A nutella and vanilla ice cream based milkshake with marshmallows as a topping, this flavour is another bestseller at MakeShake.

I thought the chocolate-hazelnut flavour went very well together with the vanilla ice cream base – and made for a very delicious dessert. Also, the chewy texture of the marshmallows was good, because it helped to provide a variety of textures.

Berry Cheesy

Comprising of strawberries mixed with cream cheese blended together with a vanilla ice cream base, this flavour is another scrumptious offering at MakeShake.

I found the taste of the cream cheese here to be quite distinctive, so it will certainly suit cheese lovers. This was an interesting and enjoyable flavour and somehow reminded me of the fresh Strawberries & Cream dessert that I had loved when I was young.

Banana Rama

This milkshake consisted of a vanilla ice cream base, mixed together with bananas and caramel.

I thought that the amount of bananas added was generous and this suited me very well because I love eating my banana desserts. However I felt that the caramel flavour though, could have been a little stronger.

Ovaltine Milkshake.

Ovaltine Milkshake.

Ovaltine Milkshake

This milkshake is not a part of MakeShake’s set menu and was prepared for us by See when we were there. It was made with vanilla ice cream mixed with Ovaltine powder – and topped with more Ovaltine.

I really enjoyed the kick that the crispy pieces of Ovaltine powder inside the milkshake, gave. To some extent, it reminded me of the Oreo milkshake that I had tried earlier. But it also had a very malty flavour because of the Ovaltine – and the crunchy Ovaltine still remained crispy even after the milkshake had been left sitting outside for more than an hour.

Tips to prepare good milkshakes

What tips can MakeShake give, to prepare good milkshakes?

Said See, “Basically you have to know what type of milkshake you prefer, that is, if you like the smooth or crunchy ones. Then you would choose how much milk you want to put inside. The texture and taste of the milkshake will also turn out very different depending on whether you use milk or ice cream. For improved taste, we feel that you should use full cream milk.”

Recently introduced other decadent desserts

Besides the milkshakes, MakeShake has also recently introduced some other tasty desserts, such as ice cream waffles and soft-serve ice cream. Said See, “We have branched out to other desserts because we want to give people a variety. When you are drinking a milkshake, you may sometimes feel peckish and want to some food to munch on together, with your milkshakes. It creates a good, sweet experience for our customers.”

The little MakeShake stall at Jurong Point shopping mall.

The MakeShake stall at Jurong Point shopping mall, has interesting milkshakes

Considering on setting up more branches

MakeShake is considering setting up more branches – such as in the Northern and Eastern parts of Singapore, but according to See, there are no firm plans yet for this, as it will depend on rentals, which can sometimes be quite expensive. So for the time being, customers will have to venture to Jurong, if they want to try their milkshakes.

Thank you MakeShake for this opportunity to taste the milkshakes.

MakeShake is located at:

1 Jurong West Central 2, 

Jurong Point Mall, #02-K3, 

Singapore 648886

For enquiries, you can get in touch with MakeShake at 

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