A Rich Ice Cream Treat: The Meadow Gold Indulgence Collection

Ice cream connoisseurs, it’s time to rejoice.

That’s because Meadow Gold has come out with a brand new range of gourmet ice creams – under the Meadow Gold Indulgence Collection.

Meadow Gold's Indulgence Collection of ice creams comprises of 4 decadent flavours.

Meadow Gold’s Indulgence Collection of ice creams comprises of 4 decadent flavours.

Four delectable new flavours of Meadow Gold ice creams

Now, lovers of this rich, creamy, frozen treat can indulge in four delectable and pleasurable flavours of Meadow Gold ice creams. These are Bold Chocolate Decadence, Delectable Caramel Pecan, Heavenly Macadamia and Lush Red Velvet. Each gourmet flavour is presented in a 750ml tub firmly emblazoned with the Meadow Gold logo.

Made with real dairy ingredients with quality inclusions

All four flavours of ice cream are made with real dairy ingredients with quality inclusions, such as pecans and macadamia nuts and were created for the true ice cream lover. So now, you can make indulgence a part of your everyday lifestyle.

Tasting the four decadent flavours

I was given a 750ml tub of each of the above flavours to try. After tasting all of them, I must say that these deliciously rich and creamy morsels of indulgence are definitely mouth-watering and sensuous.

Meadow Gold Bold Chocolate Decadence

As the name suggests, this is a sinful concoction of chocolate and more chocolate. It comprises of chocolate fudge and chunks in a yummy chocolate dairy ice cream.

I definitely enjoyed this flavour. The chocolate chips helps to add a delicious crunchy texture to the sensuous, velvety chocolate ice cream. The amount of chocolate chips also appears to be quite generous.

At the same time, despite the apparent chocolate overload as the name suggests, I felt that the amount of chocolate flavour added to the frozen treat had been just right – it was strong, but at the same time, it didn’t completely overwhelm me.

Meadow Gold Delectable Caramel Pecan

This delectable treat contains pecans and caramel ripples swirled into a vanilla flavoured ice cream.

In my opinion, I had thought this was probably the best flavour of the four, in terms of the taste. The caramel ripples were a scrumptious addition to the vanilla flavoured ice cream and brought out the flavour very nicely.

I was slightly disappointed that the crushed pecan nuts were not as crispy as I would have liked them to be. But they still had a lovely nutty flavour that went very well together with the caramel swirls and vanilla ice cream.

Meadow Gold Heavenly Macadamia 

This flavour is a classic vanilla ice cream with a twist – it is fused with roasted macadamia nuts.

When I took a scoop of this ice cream, the delicious vanilla flavour immediately hit me. The vanilla kick was strong, but at the same time, not overpowering. And like the pecans in the caramel flavour ice cream, the macadamia nuts too, had a delicious flavour that went very well together with the vanilla ice cream.

Meadow Gold Lush Red Velvet

This ice cream is Meadow Gold’s take on the popular red velvet dessert and it comprises of red velvety chocolate ice cream with marshmallows mixed inside.

I’ll say that this flavour was definitely yummy too – especially the marshmallows, which I thought were definitely an interesting addition to the red velvet ice cream. The soft, chewy texture added some bite to the melt-in-your-mouth ice cream, which I had thought was quite scrumptious.

But the chocolate taste in this concoction does not come out as strongly as the Bold Chocolate Decadence flavour though – so as a result, this should not be eaten immediately after trying the Chocolate Decadence flavoured ice cream.

Where to buy these decadent ice creams

The Meadow Gold Indulgence Collection is available at all leading supermarkets and convenience stores. These ice creams retail at $9.90 for a 750ml tub.

Thanks Meadow Gold, for the ice creams.

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